How To Prevent Under Eye Concealer From Creasing

Concealer is indeed a girls best friend, it covers up any nasty blemishes and sun spots, as well as covering those pesky dark under eye circles. Yet it can be problematic for many people, from a dry and cakey finish to excessive creasing which both enhances the look of fine lines. In my line of work I get girls and guys on the daily asking me how to combat these problems so I decided to offer some great tips so your under eye concealer looks and stays fresh and beautiful all day long.

1. Before application apply a generous amount of eye cream. A hydrated area will diminish creasing.

2. Use a primer to prep the area before application. You can use one made specifically for the are such as the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer. I also like to use a combination of the Make Up For Ever Primers in Nourish and Smoothing (Check out my full review here for more details).Smashbox_PhotoFinish_Hydrating_UnderEyePrimermakeupforever_step1_skinEqualizer_primers3. Use a creamy rather then a thicker/dryer texture of concealer. The more creamy the texture the less it will emphasize fine lines and provoke creasing. I like to use the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer but it is a tad on the thick and dry side so I like to mix a bit of the HD Concealer in to make it creamier and thinner in texture.

Make Up For Ever HD Concealer + Full Cover 4. If you have a concealer that’s too thick and dry in texture you can also add a bit of eye cream to thin the product and provide more hydration.

5. Apply a light layer of translucent setting powder to the area after application in order to absorb excess product (which leads to creasing) and to make sure the product stays in place. Although powder foundations do the trick I find a translucent powder to provide more hold and longevity such as the the Make Up For Ever HD Powder or the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.Laura Mercier Secter Camouflage Powder + Make Up For Ever HD Pressed powder and Pro Finsih As you can see the main culprit of under eye creasing tends to be due to dryness, so keep that under eye area hydrated and perky for a flawless long lasting finish.

Do  you have problems with under eye creasing? What are some of your solutions and HG products?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks for Spring and Summer

Nothing screams spring and summer more than a pink lipstick. Whether your taste is something light and girly, or vibrant and bold I have the lipsticks for you.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer20151. Nyx Butter Lipstick in Hubba Bubba Waouh: A sheer light pink with slight peachy undertone and a cream finish.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_NYX_ButterLipstick2. Lime Crime Great Pink Planet: A true baby pink with slight purple undertones and a cream finish.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_LimeCrime3. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 51: Mid toned pink with blue undertones and a cream finish.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_MUFE_Lipstick514. Mac Candy Yum Yum: Vibrant hot pink with a matte finish.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_Mac_CandyYumYum5. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 36: Bold and deep hot pink with a blue under tone and cream finish.

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_MUFE_36Here’s some swatches and side by side comparisons of all the shades. Don’t forget you can click on the pics for a larger image!!

BestPinkLipsticks_Spring/Summer2015_Swatches(From Top to Bottom: NYX Butter Lipstick in Hubba Bubba Waouh, Lime Crime Great Pink Planet, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 51, Mac Candy Yum Yum, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 36)

I love all these shades whether used alone, with gloss or lip liner, or a combination of a few of them. Whats your favorite pink lipstick to wear for spring and summer?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Sneak Peek & Review: Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion

Contouring and bronzing is definitely a hit among the beauty community as of late. The effects one can achieve with this technique ranges from adding dimension, enhancing your cheekbones or slimming the nose, while bronzing adds warmth. Company’s are churning out these products left, right, and center from kits, and palettes, to single products. And now Make Up For Ever has just up-ed the game with the first ever waterproof bronzing and sculpting powder Pro Bronze Fusion.

MakeUpForEver_ProBronzeFusionMakeUpForEver_ProBronzeFusion_WaterproofBronzerHers the low down on this product:

  • A waterproof bronzing and contour product with a hybrid gel to powder texture which is silky to the touch and ensures longevity.
  • Although waterproof its packed with moisturizing properties to ensure silky smooth skin.
  • The texture is smooth, finely milled, and light allowing for an easy blend, and an easy mess free application.
  • You can achieve the most natural bronzed look or the ultimate chiseled cheekbones with this build-able product.
  • Comes in two finishes: A Luminous Mat (perfect for a natural contour) and Softly Iridescent (great from bronzing, highlighting, and creating that perfect JLo Glow!!)

MakeUpForEver_ProBronzeFusion_WaterproofBronzer_closeupMakeUpForEver_ProBronzeFusion_WaterproofBronzer_swatchTHE VERDICT

This new innovative product receives a 5/5.

I love the texture of this product and the way it applies so smoothly and evenly. Its great for both those natural days where you want a light hint of color or for those days you really want to carve out the face. The pigmentation is great, with one stroke you get a beautiful natural application yet it’s easy to build for a more extreme look. Its definitely water and sweat proof and stays put all day long. And the best part is it’s so user friendly.

Keep a look out for this as it will hit stores around the end of April.

Hugs from Beauty Land