A Guide To False Lashes Featuring Depend Cosmetic + Tips For Application

Lashes, lashes, lashes…a girls best asset!!! Now who doesn’t want longer, thicker, lusher lashes?? The best way to achieve this is with false lashes of course. Not sure what pair are best for you or how to apply them? Well read on and get the ins and out of falsies from super subtle to sultry and dramatic.

dependCosmetics_falseLashesThe most subtle way to wear lashes is to apply individuals or bouquets. Apply a few to the outer corners for a more feline appearance or place them in sparse areas. I love these because they are invisible to the eye yet make a huge difference. A great style to try are the Ava from Depend Cosmetic.

dependCosmetics_falseLashes_AvadependCosmetics_falseLashes_Eva1If you want that wide eyed baby doll look go for some spiky lashes. These types will add a little volume and drama. Try the Leah style from Depend Cosmetic to get this effect.dependCosmetics_falseLashes_Leah

dependCosmetics_falseLashes_Leah1If your looking to add volume to your lashes the Melissa style from Depend Cosmetic will definitely give you that extra boost. These ones are great because they are not too long which is fabulous for glasses wearers like myself.

dependCosmetics_falseLashes_melissadependCosmetics_falseLashes_melissa1If your in the market for length try the limited edition lashes number 4672 from Depend Cosmetic. These bad boys are long and wispy which gives you that ultimate sultry eye. The band is ultra thin on these lashes which makes them almost invisible and application super easy.

dependCosmetics_falseLashes_4562dependCosmetics_falseLashes_4562_limted EditionTips and Tricks for Applying False lashes.

1. Apply some eyeliner and mascara first. The eyeliner will mask the band of the lashes while the mascara creates a nice surface for you to rest the false lashes on.

2. Make sure to measure the lashes against your eye size because they tend to be too long. Roll the lash band around a pencil to make the lashes more flexible making it easier to apply.

3. Use a waterproof glue like the LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive to ensure longevity. Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky before you apply. If the glue is too wet then the lashes will slip around and mess any beautiful eyeshadow you may have applied.

LashGrip_Eyelash_Adhesive4. Apply the glue to the band, make sure you concentrate the glue on the ends of the lashes. These are the most vulnerable spots most prone to lifting.

5. When removing your lashes use makeup remover to break up the glue then gently pull from outer to inner corner. Place them back in the box so you don’t loose them. Most lashes tend to be reusable for up to around 10 times.

What are your favorite pair of false lashes? I’m obsessed with the spiky Leah and I love me some good old individuals for a super natural look. If you want to get your hands on any of these gorgeous pairs you can find them at Matas and Magasin Du Nord for the amazing price of 49.95 dkk :) For other styles, store availability and more information check out the Depend Cosmetic website right here.

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