Best Beauty Products of 2013- Skin Care, Foundation & Cheeks (Part1)

Hey Guys,

Well 2014 is here and as we look back at what we’ve accomplished the last year and what we wish to accomplish in the year to come its also appropriate to reflect on some amazing beauty products 😀 I’m gonna break it down into categories where ill share my all time yearly favorites for face, lips, and eyes. This installment, part one, will focus on Skin Care, Foundation and Cheek faves while part 2 will focus on Eye and Lip faves.

What i like about it is it is so light so its doesnt feel thick or leave a film on the skin, plus its a create skincare product when it comes to controling and elminating blemishes. This stuff works great even for my senstive dry to combination skin. A little bit goes a long way so its definetly worth the bucks.Skin Care:

Ive tried a lot of different skin care brands and products over the years and have really found a routine that works wonders for me. Overall the Nars Hydrating Skin care line is absolutely amazing. The combination of the hydrating toner, brightening serum, luminous moisture cream and eye cream  is fab and Ive seen a dramatic change in my skin. Its glowing and more even not to mention silky smooth.

nars_SkinCareIn the evenings Ive been loving the Age Smart Line from Dermalogica. OMG that Over Night Repair Serum is some sort of holy magical juice!  I put this bad boy on at night and it totally makes my skin look fab, it helps heal breakouts while diminishing scaring and even minimized some of my fine lines. Ive just run out and totally want to buy a full size but the hefty price tag here in Denmark has got me hesitant (a shocking 800 kr or $122), but I’m definitely purchasing a full size when I”m in Cali in May.

Origins is my go to skin care brand especially for my night time routine. The Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask is the best on the market (even better then Mud Mask in my opinion). It purifies, cleanses and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I try to mask it up about once a week and when I do I follow up with the Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask. It smells delicious, like sweat summer pears while adding the most intense amount of moisture that works all night to leave your skin supple and hydrated by morning.

skin care nightFace:

I must have at least 5 different primers in my make up stash and try to switch it up depending on my skin needs for the day but I have to say my most consistently used and loved primer is my Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer. What i like about it is that it’s so light, doesnt leave a thick film on the skin, plus its a great skincare product when it comes to controlling and eliminating blemishes. This stuff works great even for my sensitive dry to combination skin. A little bit goes a long way so its definitely worth the bucks. I’m almost out and I will most certainly be repurchasing it.

July_Favorites_Smashbox_Primer_BlemishControlAs for foundations I like a natural and light coverage so I’m a huge fan of BB and CC Creams by Smashbox but my favorite has got to be my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated and glowing while evening out my skin tone.

On special occasions or when I know I need a little extra help I have to say that the Georgio Armaani Luminous Silk Foundation has been a stand out in this category. It does a great job at covering without caking up and leaves the skin glowing. Plus it lasts all day long without fading or patching. Amazing!!!


My most used blushes for 2013 have got to be TheBalm Hot Mama for that perfect peachy bronzed goddess look (very similar to Nars Orgasm just way more pigmented and smooth in texture) and of course the gorgeous Benefit Rockateur box blush that provides the best pinky glowing cheek. .

thebalm_bahamamama_BenefitRockateurI love highlighters so this was hard to choose as so many brands from high end to drugstore have fab ones on offer but hands down the Mac Mineralize Skin Finishes in Rio, Lightscapade, and Soft & Gentle are so flattering, subtle and just absolutely glowingly gorgeous. I also like to use them as eye shadows or  as a brow bone highlight. They also do wonders when popped onto the cupids bow (a great way to make the lips look more pouty and prominent).

Mac_MSFI cant live without a bit of bronzing and/or contouring. Its can really help define your features and warm up the skin. I just love Nars Laguna specifically with the Nars ITA Brush. Its the perfect brush to create the most defined and sculpted cheeks while still able to blend for a more natural look.

IMG_0434Well guys and gals that was round one of my 2013 beauty faves. Part 2 consisting of Eye and Lip faves will be up at the end of the week. Until then I would love to hear some of your face faves of last year so please do leave a comment 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land