Early B-Day Haul

Hey guys and dolls,

So it’s my birthday soon and I thought I should treat myself to some new make up goodies. Not like I need them, but hey I do love make up so why not!!! hahaha 😀 I’ve only got a few goodies to share but they are mighty fine ones!!!

B-Day_HaulI finally got my hands on some Lime Crime, Sigma brushes and loaded up on Brush Guards. Here’s a closer look at my new babies…

LimeCrime_PALETTE_ D'ANTOINETTEIve always wanted to try something from Lime Crime and I finally got my act together and ordered one of their eye shadow palettes: Palette D’Antoinette. I ordered it from GenieCosmetics.co.uk but for you American folk I guess you can get it directly from their website. This palette just screamed at me, its so unique and different, I knew this was the bad body I had to get. I’ll have swatches and reviews up soon…But for now all I can say is its AMAZING!!!

Sigma_MrsBunnyCollectionIve also been wanting to try the oh so raved about Sigma brushes. I went for the Mrs. Bunny Collection, I thought it would be a good idea to get a set that has both face and eyes so I chose the Mrs. Bunny Collection, plus it’s super cute…how adorable is the color combo!!!

BrushGuardAnd lastly I picked up 2 sets of Brush Guards. The blush pack and a multi pack. If you don’t already know Brush Guards are a must in any girls make up collection. I use them after I’ve washed my brushes so they dry and keep their original shape. I also use them to protect my brushes when I’m traveling. They are amazing and they fit every sized brush imaginable. I bought mine for Amazon.co.uk where you can choose different sized guards.

I’m so happy with my purchases and don’t be surprised if you see some of these in next months favorites because they are being well loved.

I’ve got a few more posts to share with you guys before I head off to Dubai to visit my sister. So keep a look out for reviews and how I pack my make up for travel 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land