Eyelash Extension Experience

Hey there my fellow beauty lovers,

Long, lustrous, Kim Kardashian style lashes have been all the rave the last year or so. Well to be honest I think full and voluminous lashes are something every girl from any era tries to achieve. But regardless, big, bold, statement lashes are a great way to emphasize your eyes and draw attention to “the window of the soul” (uhuummm that sounded corny as hell!! hahaha)

Anyways, about 6 months ago I dove into the realm of lash extensions. I was in Dubai visiting my sister and decided to get them done (important note, got them done for free!!!). I went to a beauty spa called NStyle. It’s a chain spa out in Dubai, they do everything manis, pedis, waxing, and now eyelash extensions.

eyelashextensions_reviewI decided on getting the full pair. They had an option between full and half, and since it was free I figured hey why not go all out. I laid on a massage type table where they placed eye guards over my bottom lashes. The whole procedure took about 90 minutes. They attach individual lashes to your own lashes and fill in any sparse places. They use high grade glue. This glue aint your normal Duo eyelash glue, it’s some sort of factory grade glue LOL!!

I didn’t really enjoy the experience of have having the extensions put on. The glue made my eyes watery, the stench from the glue was pretty strong, and the eye guards irritated my skin. After the application my eyes were super puffy and watery. It was also a little difficult to open my eyes because of the glue but after an hour or so they were fine. To be fair though I am ultra sensitive around the eye area and I often get watery eyes.

Over all it wasn’t that bad of an experience but I wouldn’t say it was relaxing like getting a facial, but the pay off was amazing. I didn’t have to put on any mascara for a month, my lashes we so long and full it was amazing!!! All I had to do was put some mascara on the bottom lashes and basta 😀 Plus I got loads of compliments everywhere I went.

eyelashextensions_reviewI have to say the absolute worst part was getting them removed. So I knew it was time to get them replaced when some started to fall out and my new lashes started getting a bit tangled into the falsies. They recommend that after 2-4 weeks you get them refilled. I didnt want to pay for a new set so I decided to just get them taken off. Well it was pure agony for 45 minutes. I went to some spa here in Copenhagen that I never been to before, so it might have been the therapist that was the problem but I basically walked out with open soars under my eyes and even a little blood loss. She tugged, rubbed, and pulled so hard around and on my eye area to get those lashes off. I’m telling you that glue is crazy!!!

I definetly wont be trying this again. I’m not really into the whole “beauty is pain” thing. The result was fantastic but the whole process is far too uncomfortable for my liking. I think I will stick to my regular old lashes and add falsies with my trusty Duo glue when I feel like it 😀 And hopefully my Elizabeth Arden Privage Growth Serum can help out (keep a look out for the 2 week evaluation) Have any of you tried eyelash extensions? What are your experiences with them?

Hugs xo Binky

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