How To Incoporate Glitter Into Your Makeup + Tricks for Applying Glitter

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to express that holiday cheer with some glitter. I’ve decide to compile a little list of different ways to incorporate glitter into your makeup… whether you like it subtle or extreme!!

For a subtle hint of sparkle you could add a dash of glitter to your tear duct or on the lower lash line of some smoked out liner. I love to use the glitter liners from Urban Decay and NYX.

glitter_lowerLashLineurban-decay-heavy-metal-glitter-eyeliner-collectionAdding glitter to your liner is a fun way to amp up your look. Use a glitter liner on top of your black liquid or gel liner for a hint of sparkle. For a more intense look do a full on liner in loose glitter.

glitter_liner_1glitter-eyelinerAdding glitter on top of a smokey eye adds drama and glam. If you want to go all out with the bling bling apply an opaque layer of loose glitter to the whole your feeling extra fancy why not try a pair of glitter brows , or sparkly glitter lips!!

red-glitter-lips origIf Your looking for some amazing loose glitters I can highly recommend the ones from Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay and Lime Crime. They are all highly reflective and completely safe for the eye area.

Lime_Crime_ZodiacGlitter Urban-Decay-Heavy-Metal-Loose-Glitter make-up-for-ever-glitter-10Tips And Tricks For Working With (Loose) Glitter:

1. Use a glitter seal or adherent to stop and avoid fallout.  I swear by the Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal. It’s a clear product that transforms things into a waterproof formula. You can use it as a mixing medium with powders to create waterproof liners, as a shadow base, and to adhere glitter.

_MUFEaqua_seal_710682. Apple your eye makeup first so no glitter gets stuck to your foundation. It’s so much easier to clean up, lets face it, no matter how careful you are,  glitter some how manages to get all over your face!!!

3. In case of fallout during the day use scotch tape and dab on face to remove any excess glitter that may have fallen out. Make sure to dab the tape on the back of your hand before applying to the face as to not ruin your makeup or irritate the skin.

Im obsessed with glitter and have already started whipping it out for this holiday season. I like everything from the subtle glow in the tear duct to the opaque glitter lid. Whats your favorite way to wear glitter?

Hugs from Beauty Land

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