How To Rescue Your Skin From City Pollution And Winter Dryness

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So I recently asked on Facebook what people would be interested in seeing if I decided to start a YouTube channel. A great suggestion was skin care remedies for city dwellers. I thought, since I don’t have a YouTube yet (or might never!!), that I would share with you some of my top tips for combating skin problems related to city life. Not only that but considering winter is around the corner and the the drastic change of weather (at least here in Northern Europe) I thought it would be rather fitting to tackle this now rather than later.

skin care night nars_SkinCareLiving in the city can really be tough on the skin. Pollution can really take a tole as it clogs the pores often resulting in breakouts. The water in Denmark, and other places I’m sure, is on the ‘hard’ side i.e its full of calcium and minerals. Hard water dries out the skin, sucks out all its moisture and leaves it feeling really tight, in a bad way. And if it didn’t make matters worse, winter is coming. The change in temperature and humidity is another major cause of dry dull skin. Sticking to a strict skin care regime will be your key to combating and reversing some of these effects.


Its super important to cleanse your skin day and night. Use a gentle cream cleanser to rid the face of impurities. I love the Nars Gentle Cream Cleanser. It does a great job of removing my makeup and leaves my face feeling baby smooth. I like to use this cleanser day and night with my Clarisonic. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to shell out the cash for one, most drugstores will have a budget friendly manual version. Another option is to use a facial scrub or exfoliator. Make sure you choose one that is gentle as rough and tough scrubs with large kernels can irritate and dry out the skin.

clarasonicnars_GentleCreamCleanserEvery Sunday I like to add a facial mask to my routine after initial cleansing. I especially like clay masks as they do a great job in deep cleaning and extracting impurities that lie deep within the surface of the skin. I really love the Origins Clear Improvement clay mask. Its great because it really brings all the nastiness to the surface of the skin and deep cleans the pores. Surprisingly this mask doesn’t make my face feel overly dried out or tight which is surprising since clay masks tend to be a bit drying and more ideal for acne prone skin.  If you suffer from sever dry skin or eczema I would stay clear of these types of products and instead go for a moisturizing mask. If your ever unsure I recommend speaking to a dermatologist or a skin care specialist 😀


Prepping the skin for moisturizer is an important step. Using a facial tonic or toner after cleansing will restore the PH balance in your skin which is often altered by hard water and harsh cleanser/exfoliants. It also opens the skin so it can fully absorb serums and creams. I’m using the Nars Multi-Action Hydrating Toner.  Avoid using toners with alcohol as it strips the face of its natural oils and can cause pretty bad irritations, not to mention a red face.

nars_hydratingTonerI also recommend using a serum after toner. There are many serums to choose from anti-aging, hydrating, brightening, color correcting ect. Again I’m a huge fan of the Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate for day time. It brightens my complexion and creates a silky smooth base.



Moisturizing is key to achieving a gorgeous complexion. Even oily skin needs moisture. I know that sounds wear but oily skin is actually a symptom of overly dry skin. The skin is so dry that it tries to compensate by overproducing oil and voila oily skin. For day time I like to use a lighter moisturizer like the Nars Luminous Moisture Cream. Oily skin should avoid creams with mineral oils as they tend to clog the skin and increase the production of oil.

nars_luminousMoistureCreamNight time is where I really hydrate my skin. I like to use a facial oil like Josie Marans Argan Oil but lately I’ve fallen in love with the Dermologica Age Smart Over Night Repair Serum (its actually an oil!!). This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I had really bad break outs on my chin due to a diary reaction. Since I’m a picker (gross!!) I had really irritated and red skin around my blemishes even when they healed. Within 3 days of using this stuff I noticed a huge improvement in that area. The skin is no longer red and almost all signs of scaring are gone. Love love love this stuff. It does smell of aromatherapy oils so if your sensitive to smell then you might want to stick to something more neutral like Argan or Maracuja Oil.

dermologica_overnightRepairSerumAfter applying the night renewal serum I like to add the Demologica Super Rich Repair Cream . It does a great job of plumping and hydrating without feeling heavy on the skin. It also combats and prevents fine lines. They eye cream within this range is pretty nice too.

dermologica_SuperRichRepairTo really go the extra mile on the moisturizing front, about 3 times a week, I like to add the Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask To Quench Skins Thirst on top of my night oil in replacement of the Super Rich Repair Cream. My face feels so incredibly smooth and supple the next morning. Plus this stuff smells super good, like sweet peaches and roses, its delicious 😀

origins_DrinkUpIntensiveOvernightMaskIt may seem like a lot of products and steps but this is what works for me. Unfortunately skin care routines and finding the best one for you, can become pretty costly but many brands offer deluxe sample sets that way you can try them out without committing to the full size. By finding the right products for your skin type and needs (which can take a lot of trial and error), sticking to your skin care routine, and drinking loads of water, your skin will be more clear and stable

If any of you have great tips or skin care recommendations then definitely leave a comment 😀

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