My Favorite Long Wear Beauty Products For The Holidays

Hey Guys,

So the holidays are coming up which means lots of events, dinners and parties to attend. My make up has to be flawless and last for hours on end (and look good on camera too!!) without smearing, blotching or melting. I always go to the same products, with a few new wonders thrown in, and they never fail me so I thought I’d share them with you 😀

Favorite_longwear_beauty_productsTo really ensure a flawless coverage and long lasting finish try using a foundation primer. The Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer is one of the best long wearing primers I’ve ever tried. Its definitely heavy duty and acts like a glue for your foundation. My make up always stays perfect when I use it.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_Benefit_primerThe Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is my go to when I want a perfect base thats long lasting and looks amazing in pictures. I really like this foundation because it covers imperfections and evens out my skin tone while still allowing some of my natural skin to show through, An amazing product indeed.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_MUFE_HDFoundationMy new favorite concealer for blemishes has go to be the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. This bad boy is heavy duty, covers like no other and lasts for hours and hours.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_TarteConcealerTo really lock in all my hard work I use the Make Up For Ever HD Powder. This powder does everything I need, it sets, controls shine, and looks great on film and camera. A little bit goes a long way so I use a really light hand to avoid looking ashy, cake-y and dry.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_MUFE_HDPowderWhenever I want my make eye make up to be vibrant, long wearing and crease free I use the amazing Too faced Shadow Insurance. In my opinion its the best eye shadow primer out there. It has a light tint so it conceals veins, while making eye shadows pop and last.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_TooFaced_ShadowInsuranceIf I cant be bothered to apply fake lashes I use my Tarte Lash Primer. I call this guy the “push up bra” for lashes. Not only does this bad boy lengthen and thicken my lashes before mascara application it also helps my mascara stay put without transferring or flaking on to my skin.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_Tarte_LashPrimerThe last thing I do when apply my make up is my brows. I like to take my time with my brows to make them nice and sharp but they tend to be unruly and never really stay put. Yet my Nars Brow Gel really keeps my brows in place so they look perfect all day and night long.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_Nars_browGelOf course I cant skip out on the importance of a great lip whether something vampy or nude. But with all the drinking and eating its hard to make sure your lip color doesn’t stray, fray or bleed. My favorite go to product for over a year now, for that prefect long lasting lip, has got to be the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge. I love the long lasting matte finish with the option to glam it up with the gloss.


Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_MUFE_glossMy absolute favorite combo is the Mac RiRi Woo Lip Liner with the MUFE Aqua Rouge in Nr.8

Favorite_ Products_for_the_Holidays_LipsTo finish everything off and lock in the face (lol that sounds funny!!) I like to use a setting/finishing spray. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is amaze-balls. Its sets my make up and gets rid of any over powdering that may have occurred.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_UD_SettingSprayThese products are just some of my favorite long wear items and wow do they sure live up to their names. What are some of you favorite long lasting products?

Hugs From Beauty Land