My Top Tips and Products for Make Up Hygeine

Hey guys,

As some of you may know hygiene is super important when dealing with makeup and related tools whether you work on clients or on yourself. Keeping your products and tools clean will eliminate the chance of break outs and in some cases infections. So here are some of my favorite products and top tips for keeping my tools and make up clean and bacteria free.


Its important to keep your brushes, sponges and eye lash curlers clean since these are the most frequent items which have direct contact with the skin. A weekly deep cleaning of all your brushes is definitely ideal but given the time consuming nature of the task twice a month is more realistic. I like to use a dollop of baby shampoo and warm water to clean my brushes, its nourishing and chemical free and works perfect on synthetic and natural hairs. Leave a comment if you would like to see my step by step cleansing process 😀

DeepBrushCleanser_BabyShampooIn between deep cleanses I like to spot clean with an instant cleanser that has anti bacterial properties like the MUFE Instant Brush Cleanser. It does a perfect job of cleaning and it dries super fast which is definitely a bonus.

MUFE_InstantBrushCleanserIf you use your hands to apply your make up weather it be foundation, cream blush etc then make sure you wash your hands before touching your face. For easy access keep a bottle of anti bacterial hand sanitizer by your make up station. I’m loving the Pink Chiffon Anti Bacterial Hand Gel from Bath and Body Works.

BathandBodyWorks_handSanitizerKeeping your make up station clean is also a good way to eliminate bacteria. Use anti bacterial wipes to wipe down any surfaces. Their even good to use on your phone (a huge culprit of facial breakouts!!) and for wiping down your eye lash curlers.

Liquid Products:

Many make up products have a shelf life and don’t last forever. Some say to through out liquid products such as liquid foundation and cream blushes yearly. My rule of thumb is if the color, smell or texture has changed then its probably gone off and its safe to toss.

Mascaras are a big one to watch for, bacteria builds up easily in this type of product and I would say throw your mascara out after 3-6 months. Mascaras tend to dry up around 3 months anyways so once its dry just toss it out… also avoid sharing mascaras as this can lead to the spread of eye infections.

Powder and Pressed Products:

So its pretty easy to figure out if a cream or liquid product has gone off, but what about powdered products like eye shadows and blushes? Well its hard to say if these products go off in the same way as liquid. Of course bacteria builds up on these type of products too. To keep your powdered products as sanitary as possible try using an anti bacterial spray specified for powder products like the Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist. Not only is this a great product for make up artists who need to sanitize their powdered products to avoid the spread of bacteria from one client to another, but its also great for your everyday make up enthusiast. Spray the product on top of your powdered products and voila, clean and fresh.

BeautySoClean_CosmeticSanitizerMistI’d love to hear some of your hygiene tips so dont hesitate to leave a comment.

Hugs from Beauty Land