Review- Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure Set & Nail Art of the Day

Hello my lovely Beauty Junkies,

Today I’ve got a pretty exciting post to share with you all, a review on Ciates newest manicure set…Very Colourfoil Manicure. There are three sets to choose from: Carnival Couture, Kaleidoscope Klash, and Wonderland. Each set comes with a paint pot, a stash of foils in a variety of colors, and foil fix glue. It also comes with a nail wheel so you can practice your designs.


I picked the Carnival Couture set. I love pink so this is the one I had to get!!!

On to the the procedure:

Step 1: Apply two coats of polish to clean nails (you can of course use other polish brands). Let dry completely.

Step 2: Dot a light coat of the foil fix glue on to the nail where you want the foil to be. Otherwise on the entire nail. Wait for the white adhesive to become transparent before applying foil.

Step 3: Choose desired foils and firmly place the foil shiny side up over the glue while its still tacky

Step 4: Remove foil in one quick swiping motion. Repeat steps until desired look is accomplished.

Step 5: Top off with a dry fast top coat.

This is the cute design I did using the set


Nail Foil Tips/Tricks:

Don’t apply the foils on the nail when the glue is too wet. When you pull of the foil it will take the base polish along with it or leave no trace of foil at all.

Wait for the glue to become tacky…this is really important if you want the foil to adhere properly and with full power.

Using a top coat tends to make the foil finish disappear a bit. I have yet to find a super duper top coat that will give me the exact same finish but I find the Kami Nail Art Sealer to do an OK job. My Seche Vite really makes the foils crimp and dulls the effect.

The Verdict:

This manicure set it probably one of my favorites from Ciate so it gets a 8/10. The set comes with detailed instructions and the application process is very easy. Good value for price, it cost $20 dollars for the whole set and considering one Ciate Paint Pot costs around $15 your getting a pretty good deal. The color options are gorgeous, I would love to try the Kaleidoscopic Krush.

There are two down sides to this product 1)The foils fade away quickly. It’s great for a night out but don’t expect the foil design to last a week even with top coat.ย  2) The foil color choices are limited and to be honest you can get all the supplies you need to recreate this look, plus more, for a fraction of the price.

I’ve been using nail foils for years now and my go to place to purchase everything I need to make fun foil designs isย

That’s right everything is a dollar there, even the five foot rolls of foil. They have a a huge selection of foils in holographic and funky patterns. If you buy 10 foils you get the foil glue free ๐Ÿ˜€ Here’s some of the foils I’ve picked up from the site


I say give these guys a go, weather its the Ciate set or foils from Dollar Nail Art. Either way its a fun and creative way to bling out your nails. Its so easy to apply and its pretty much mess free. ๐Ÿ˜€

Hugs from Beauty Land