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Hey everyone 😀

If you don’t already know, I have curly hair that tends to be rather dry, no mater how much I protect and hydrate it. Its the curse of the curly hair. It also doesn’t help that my hair dresser is all the way in LA. So I only get my hair cut 2 times a year which is a little too little for curly hair that grows out quickly, splits quickly, and dries up quickly.

Also my trip to Dubai didn’t help either. The water there is de-salenated so its quite drying, plus the 40 degree sun definitely does a number on hair. So obviously my hair has been in need of some major treatment. I do have a few treatments at home but they just don’t seem to do the trick for this curly main of mine.

So about a week ago I posted on instagram and twitter that I found some of the Macadamia hair care products at my local super market here in Copenhagen called Fakta. Ive never seen it available here in Denmark before so I jumped on those babies like flies on shit…hahaha!! It definitely wasn’t the whole hair care line but I did get the Rejuvenating Shampoo, Deep Repair Masque, Nourishing Leave in Conditioner, and the Healing Oil Spray.


I’ve gotten to use the products a few times now to be able to share with you how it works on unruly and dry curly hair.

Rejuvenating Shampoo:


I’m not normally too fussy about my shampoos but I have to say that I’m kind of in Love with this. It really leaves my hair feeling clean without that squeaky clean residue left over. Over all I’m really pleased with this shampoo and might even buy the full size when I’m in Cali.

Deep Repair Masque:


Wow this stuff is great. I saw an intimidate diffrence in my hair. It felt and looked so much healthier. It wasn’t screaming for hydration anymore. plus it left my hair smelling so good. like. The packets also have loads of product and I’ve manged to use one packet on 2 occasions so there also great for travel. I like to deep treat my hair about once or twice a week so that’s perfect for short vacations.

Nourishing Leave in Conditioner:


To be honest I didn’t really notice much more of an improvement when i added the leave in conditioner. I did notice though that my hair still looked fresh and healthy the next day. This could be due to that super treatment though.

Healing Oil Spray:


Love this stuff. I use it on wet hair to lock in moisture and on dry hair to freshen up and smooth down any unruly or fly away hairs. A new must for my hair care regime.


8/10 for these products. The shampoo, masque and oil get a 9/10 for their amazingness to control, hydrate and nourish crazy and wild curly hair. They smell delightful, don’t leave a nasty build up (i\I normally go 3-4 days without washing my hair), they don’t induce itchiness, dry scalp or dandruff. Your hair is left feeling fresh and light.

The only product I’m not really impressed with was the leave in conditioner and that’s why this review only gets 8/10. I’m not really sure why I don’t like it. It smells nice and the texture is nice too yet it didn’t really seem to add more moisture. I used the other products without the leave in conditioner and had the same effects so I would skip this one but all the others are amazing. I think I’ll pick up the full sizes when I get to Cali.

Well I’m off on my lovely holiday. I’m heading to London tonight to kick it with my sister and to hit up IMATS on Saturday. Then I’m off to Cali for a month from there. But don’t worry, I’ll be doing loads of shopping so expect some fun hauls and first impressions to come 😀 Plus I have a few great posts ready for upload so keep an eye out.

Hugs from Beauty Land

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