Sephora Haul

Hey guys so I did a Sephora haul recently just before my trip to Norway. A few things i needed for my trip and a few things i just got because I thought they were cute!!  Anyways, this is what I got 😀


Nails Inc

Bling it on Midnight: Super cool nail art set with loose glitters. I think I’m gonna try this bad boy out tonight so keep a look out for pics here and on my instagram @victoriagoldstein321

Sephora products:

Travel size cleansing milk and toner: I picked these guys to bring with me on my snowboard trip to Norway. Not only are they affordable but the cleansing milk is super soothing and does the trick, so does the toner.

The new “2 in 1 waterproof eye makeup remover gel“: What Sephora says about it; dermotologically and ophthalmologically tested, formulated without parabens, suitable for sensitive eyes, very effective without leaving an oily film, soothes the eye area with cornflower extract and moisturizes the skin, and helps to strengthen lashes. I definetly think its a good eye make up remover. Im super sensitive around the eye area, I get itchy and red super quick so I hate having to rub like a mad man. And this product seems to deliver on what it claims, I’m not too sure about strengthening my lashes as I’ve only used it a few times but it definitely is effective, doesn’t sting my eyes and does feel moisturizing. Plus the price is nice 😀 LOL!!!

Daily brush cleaner: I really like this brush cleanser for spot cleaning, its super effective, antibacterial and its makes my brushes feel soft. Theres a slight odor when you spray the product but the smell doesn’t linger. Its a great product at a great price. I do wish they made it in a bigger size though because I go through these guys pretty quick.


They’re Real waterproof mascara: this guy needs no explanation, super black, lengthening, separating and voluminous. The only thing i hate about it is its soooo hard to get off, but on the plus size it never smudges and lasts so long 😀

Well guys that’s it for now. But Ive got some really fun and exciting hauls to share with you soon, and some goodies form my trip to Norway.

Have a great one 😀

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