Step by Step Leopard Nail Art Tutorial

Hey guys,

I love me a good old leopard manicure so I thought I would share with you how to achieve it in a few quick and easy steps.

leopard_Nailart_Tutorial9Step 1: Prep your nail by pushing back the cuticle and cutting any extra skin. File, buff and shine the nail for a clean and smooth surface.


leopard_Nailart_Tutorial1Step 2: Add a base coat and paint two coats of your favorite polish. I used Nailtiques as my base coat and OPI The Thrill of Brazil.

leopard_Nailart_Tutorial2Step 3: Draw the outline of the leopard spots using a black nail art pen or a tooth pick dipped in polish. Simply draw random squiggly C shapes on the nail.

leopard_Nailart_Tutorial_penleopard_Nailart_Tutorial3Step 4: Fill in the leopard spots using a dotting tool or tooth pick in a contrasting color. I chose OPI Goldeneye.

leopard_Nailart_Tutorial4leopard_Nailart_Tutorial5Step 5: Add your favorite top coat for a long lasting and glossy finish…my favorite is the Seche Vite.

leopard_Nailart_Tutorial9leopard_Nailart_Tutorial10leopard_Nailart_Tutorial6Not only is this mani super easy, you can create it using so many different colors, do the design on the tips or an accent finger…the possibilities are endless.

Keep a look out for more nail art tutorials. In the mean time, whats your favorite way to rock a leopard print manicure?

Hugs from Beauty Land

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