My Favorite Nail Polish Shades for Autumn

Hey guys,

Now that’s its officially autumn its time to switch to more autumnal shades whether its warm and rich oranges and browns or mauve, khaki greens, and muted purples.  So today I though I’d share some of my most used and loved Autumnal nail polish shades 😀

favorite_nailpolish-for_fallA great way to really feel that fall atmosphere and coziness is to jazz up your nails with a gorgeous shade of orange. I absolutely love the spicy and warm shades like OPI  Take The Stage and Mac Styleseeker. The OPI is packed with gorgeous orange glitter and the Mac has a fantastic metallic finish. Opt for a cool toned brown with a hint of orange shimmer if your more into subtle shades like OPI Illuminate DS from the Designer Series.


(OPI Take The Stage, Mac Styleseeker, OPI Illuminate DS)

Mossy and muted greens are a definite must have for me during the autumn months. Try a forest green like OPI Jade Is The New Black for a more vibrant look. For a more toned down and muted version try Essie Sew Psyched.


(OPI Jade Is The New Black, Essie Sew Psyched)

Purples and berry shades are a staple in the autumnal color scheme and they suit so many skin tones. Try a more mauvey purple like Essie Chinchilly which pulls more grey and cool toned or Essie Island Hopping for a bit more of a punch.


(Essie Chinchilly, Essie Island Hopping)

If your willing then go for a more vampy and deep purple shade like OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane or Muir Muir On The Wall that has a wicked duo chrome effect.


(OPI In The Cable Car-Pool lane, OPI Muir Muir On The Wall)

I do love to mix and match shades for a fun and creative look. Here’s a manicure I did using Essie Chinchilly and Sew Psyched on the accent finger. I also added a bit of OPI When Monkey’s Fly for some glittery fun.

autum_NailArtI’m absolutely addicted to the muted purples, mauves and greens. Not only is it season appropriate but it’s also a modern way to jazz up your typical fall manicure. But I sure cant wait to play around with the deeper berry and burgundy shades. There’s something so chic and edgy about them. What are some of your favorite nail polish shades to rock during the autumn months?

Hugs from Beauty Land