Nail Art of the Day and Models Own Nail Polish Review

Hey guys,

So Easter is upon us and you know had to do some themed nails πŸ˜€ I came up with this cute polka dot manicure. Not only is it super easter-y but it’s also very spring appropriate πŸ˜€

Easter_NailArt_NailArtOfTheDay_NOTDThis is what I used to create this super cute spring time design!

Easter_NailArt_NailArtOfTheDay_NOTD_OPI_ModelsOwn_SecheVite_SinfulColors_NailtiquesNailtiques: Nail strengthening base coat (best thing in the world!!)

OPI Samoan Sand: Nude base color of index and middle finger

OPI Pink Friday: Pastel and opaque pink used for the polka dots

SinfulColors Nail Art in Bad Chick (stripper brush): I used this super thin brush to create the thin white lines on my index and middle fingers

Models Own Lemon Meringue: Pastel yellow used on tips of index and middle finger

Models Own Peach Sherbert: Pastel orange used as base color on other fingers

Seche Vite fast Drying Top Coat: Well its exactly that. Makes my polish shiny and long lasting.

Dotting Tool: I used this to create the polka dots. I cant remember where this is from but I bought it on ebay ages ago. Its the perfect tool to have and ocmes in so many sizes…you could also use a tooth pick to create the same look!!

Β I just love this cute spring time look, it makes me so happy πŸ˜€

Β AND here’s the review on the Models Own nail polishes Lemon Meringue and Peach Sherbet. This was my first time using these polishes and this brand. I got them during summer and never cracked them open until now (yes I’m a polish hoarder and sometimes I forget what I have in my collection!!!).

Easter_NailArt_NailArtOfTheDay_NOTD_ModelsOwn_Review&SwatchesI have rather mixed thoughts about these nail polishes.

Lemon Meringue is an opaque cream pastel yellow. The thing is its super thick and gooey. Like I said these were brand new and unopened so I’m not really sure why the consistency is like that and it why is was so streaky on application (but my trusty Seche Vite did a pretty good job at hiding it!!). To give Models Own the benefit of the doubt all yellows I’ve tried from several other brands seem to be the same. For some reason its really hard to find a great yellow. They are either too thick or way too thin…I think it has something to do with yellow pigment and apparently it’s a difficult color to create into nail polish (not like I no the science behind color or anything but I’m sure I heard this somewhere!!! LOL). So for a yellow I guess its pretty OK. And to be honest most cream polishes I’ve tried, even from my beloved OPI, can have the tendency to be streaky, which is the case with OPI Pink Friday.

I would have to say that the same goes for Peach Sherbet. It was streaky, gloppy and thick :(

I’m kind of sad about it because these colors are sooooo pretty, and I actually don’t own anything like these in my huge collection!!! But I’m sure I can find a use for them or even try to thin them out using OPI’s nail polish thinner (which I don’t own but think I will pick one up the next time I’m in the US, probs this summer)


5/10 for these guys. The pigmentation and opacity of these polishes were great but they were thick and streaky making them difficult to work with. I would definitely be open to trying other colors in other finishes to see if this experience really just boils down to the dreaded pastel cream dilemma!!!

Have any of you guys tried this brand before, what are your thoughts, similar experiences?

Hugs from beauty land

NOTD (nail of the day)

Hey guys,

so of course I got bored with the nails I had so I gave myself a fresh coat of paint πŸ˜€ Since its Easter soon, spring is around the corner and the sun is starting to shine here in Copenhagen I thought it would be rather fitting to do a spring inspired manicure. So I was a bit rushed and didn’t have the time to do a more intricate design and there was no way I could just wear one solid color so I opted for the Illamasqua spotted nail polishes. I love these, they are so cute, love the pastel colors for spring. Plus the formula is wonderful, it lasts a while and the brush is a perfect size. Here’s the final look and a close up of all the colors!

Nail_Of_The_Day_NOTD_Illamasqua_easterNail_Of_The_Day_NOTD_Illamasqua_easter_1Here are the colors I used, I believe I have all the colors of these limited edition gems.

Nail_Of_The_Day_NOTD_Illamasqua_easter_2FRECKLE: tan/sand color with black speckles

SPECKLE: lavender pastel purple with black speckles

MOTTIE: mint green with black specks

FRAGILE: baby blue with black speckle

SCARCE: baby pink with black speckle

And of course I used my almighty base coat from Nailtiques and my beloved fast drying top coat from Seche Vite (couldn’t live without these guys!!!!)

Nail_Of_The_Day_NOTD_Illamasqua_easter_SecheVite_NailtiquesHugs from Beauty World πŸ˜€