Review & Swatches: Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys,

Firstly, Happy Labor day to all my American friends 😀 Its officially the end of summer which means autumn is beginning. The thing I love about autumn is the cozy atmosphere, warm colors, and comfy knit wear. But most of all I love that I now get to play around with all my gorgeous emerald and metalic shades for the eyes, and bold, dark, wine stained shades for the lips 😀 So whats more fitting then showing you guys the much talked about Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette!? Today I’ll be showing you some swatches and giving a full review.

North American’s can find this palette at your nearest Too Faced counter ($46). For all my Europeans and Intenationals, you can purchase this item from the British retailer (36 British Pounds).

TooFaced_PrettyRebel_PaletteTooFaced_PrettyRebel_Palette_backWhat Too Faced say’s:

What It Is:

Even pretty girls break the rules. Be as rebel as you want to be with 10 powerful after-hours approved (and all new) shadows in the deepest jewel tones, the most bad ass metallics and one scene-stealing pink.

More To Love:

The Pretty Rebel Eye Shadow Palette comes in an extraordinary range of 10 new shades in stunning, high pigment formulations for rich color payoff. Pretty Rebel comes with our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started.

Now here’s an actual look at the shadows

TooFaced_PrettyRebel_1TooFaced_PrettyRebel_2TooFaced_PrettyRebel_3TooFaced_PrettyRebel_4Now for the swatches…

TooFaced_PrettyRebel_Palette_SwatchesTopRowDainty: Cream shade with a matte finish. Really pigmented and very smooth for such a light matte shade. Its perfect as a brow bone or inner corner highlight.

Charming: Cool toned brown with slight purple and mauve undertones in a matte finish. Swatches patchy and uneven but actually works really well in the crease for some definition or as a transition shade. Its pretty pigmented but a bit chalky and a tad bit rough in texture. Yet it was easy enough to blend.

Girly: Metallic green with a brown duo chrome. This is a way cool shade. I love these duo chrome shades. Its really pigmented, very smooth in texture and easy to blend. (Wet N’ Wild also has a similar shade in the Comfort Zone Palette that’s pretty insane).

Totally Fetched: Hot pink with a slight purple sheen and tiny tiny barley-there glitters. This is a majorly intense pink. The glitters are so fine you can barely see them so its more of a matte shade. Its super pigmented, easy to blend and has an ok smooth texture.

Miss Sparkles: Dark grey/black matte with blue glitters. This one is a bit chalky and decently pigmented (its not the darkest black or anything!!). The glitters totally show up and don’t seem to fall out too badly during wear.  This shade does look really cool on the lid as a great crease or outer V shade.

TooFaced_PrettyRebel_Palette_SwatchesBottomRowRingleader: Soft, pale, creamy-pink with slight gold shimmer. The swatch doesn’t do it justice but this is a really gorgeous shade and works lovely as an inner corner highlight or all over lid color: great pigmentation, blendability, and smooth buttery texture.

Gangster: Mossy copper toned brown with a metallic finish. Great color pay off, easy to blend and amazing texture.

Instigator: Metallic gold. I love this shade especially wet. Very metallic indeed, easy to blend and really pigmented. Again the texture is silky smooth on this one.

Baddass: Cool toned blue with silver glitter and shimmer. This is a really lovely blue with a silver reflex. Sorry if I’m being redundant but this one is really pigmented and super smooth too.

Jailbird: Metallic silver. Wow this guy is so intense, richly pigmented and buttery soft.


4/5 for this palette. Firstly the packaging is really gorgeous. It’s so unique but still totally functional. The bottom shades were a major stand out. Every single one was pigmented, rich and smooth in texture and easy to blend. Unfortunately the top row lacked a little bit in terms of swatching. Although Charming and Ms. Sparkle swatched a little patchy and felt rougher in texture they actually work really nicely on the lid and are pretty pigmented…had these been a tad better in terms of texture then his palette would have gotten full marks 😀

Here’s a look I did using Ringleader on the inner corner, Instigator on the lid, Totally Fetched in the crease and outer crease, Miss Sparkle on the outer-v, and Dainty on the brow bone…

Toofaced_PrettyRebel_lookAll in all this palette is Pretty Rebel LOL!!! Honestly, this is a great palette for anyone out there looking to splurge on an awsomely intense and highly metalic palette. The shades work really lovely on the lid and make for some really unique and wow looks 😀

Have any of you tried this palette??  What I’d love to hear your thoughts?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Review & Swatches: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Hey Beauty Lovers,

So I’m absolutely loving Revlon lip products at the moment. I received a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in my trade with Lola’s Charms and I bought two more when I was In Dubai. So I thought, hey,  today’s post should be a review and swatches on my new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in 040 Rendezvous, 010 Darling, and 025 Valentine.


If you don’t already know these famous babies act like a long wearing stain but with the comfort of a lip balm and the shiny razzle dazzle of a lip gloss.The formula on these guys are amazing. You can apply one coat for a subtle hint of shining color or built up to an opaque glossy coating. The packaging is nice too. Its a twist top so no need for sharpening and the large crayon size makes for a super easy and mess free application.

Revlon_BalmStain_Review_Swatches_Rendezvous040 Rendezvous: Is a vibrant warm orange which is super on trend for this summer. It’s super silky smooth, moisturizing and very comfortable on the lips. It can be worn more sheer or built up like in the swatch for a glossy wash of orange juiciness. It lasts for a good four hours on me plus more with its beautiful staining capabilities.

Revlon_BalmStain_Review_Swatches_Darling010 Darling is a cold toned lavender purple. This is probably the sheerest of the three but it still packs a punch. It can appear very subtle yet vibrant, a great way to rock the pastel and lavender lip trend that is oh so popular at the moment. Again it lasts for a good four hours plus staining. Although, this one doesn’t leave as much of an intense stain. Regardless, its still a beautiful shade in a fantastic formula.

Revlon_BalmStain_Review_Swatches_Sweetheart025 Sweetheart is a loevly bright pink/magenta with a slight blue undertone. Just like the others the formula is silky smooth and moisturizing. This one also lasts for many hours and leaves the most gorgeous pink flush on the lips once the glossiness disappears.


10/10 for Revlon’s Balm Stains. They are fab for warm summer days when you just want a sheer coating but also hold there own when it comes to longevity and buildable opacity. They are definitely long lasting with a super high gloss finish. Plus they are so moisturizing unlike many long wearing lip products and stains. I for sure want to pick up a few more when I’m in Cali this summer. I have to say I’m super impressed with Revlon, I just wish they had it here in Copenhagen :(

Have any of you tried Revlon Kissable Balm stains? What shades would you recommend?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Review & Swatches- Maybelline Color Senseational Vivids

Hey guys,

So I’m totally in spring mode at the moment. I’m just absolutely loving anything colorful, bright and fun. So I thought I would share my impressions of the new Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids line. I believe there are in fact 10 color options in the range, but my local drugstore only carried about 5 or 6 shades which I’m totally sad about :( but i still managed to pick up three of them: Hot Plum, Shocking Coral and Electric Orange

Review&Swatches-_Maybelline_Color_Senseational_Vivids_Lipstick Review&Swatches-_Maybelline_Color_Senseational_Vivids_Lipstick_1As the name suggests its a line full of vivid and bright colors. I of course chose the brightest colors that were available. I just love these lipsticks. To be honest i’ve never tried any of the other Maybelline lipsticks from the color sensational line but I think I might just have to now. They are so soft on the lips and definitely feel nourishing, I guess that’s thanks to the honey nectar ingredient. And they give a beautiful high shine finish 😀 They have very little smell, really nothing noticeable, if anything it smells a bit like coco butter, but only if you stick your nose right into it!!! LOL which I wouldn’t recommend for hygiene reasons 😀 And most importantly the color pigmentation is out of this world..its totally comparable to many high end brands out there for a fraction of the price. I’m so happy that a drugstore brand has come out with some truly fantastic, bright and pigmented lipsticks for us beauty junkies!!! Well lets get to the swatches and more in depth review of the colors themselves.

Review&Swatches-_Maybelline_Color_Senseational_Vivids_Lipstick_2Review&Swatches-_Maybelline_Color_Senseational_Vivids_Lipstick_3Hot Plum: Bright purple with a blue base. Great color pay off, easy to apply and moisturizing.

Shocking Coral: Bright coral leaning more on the pink side. This one is also highly pigmented and soft on the lips. I think this color would look great on so many skin tones.

Electric Orange: Well that’s exactly what it is…an electric bright orange. Full of color pay off and comfortable to wear.


10/10 for these bad boys. They are highly pigmented, great color payoff, nourishing, high gloss finish. But don’t be scared because for those of you who might be going into epileptic shock from these shockingly vivid colors, they are totally sheer-able too. What do you think of these little gems? Have you tried them out, or want to?

Hugs form Beauty Land