Review & Swatches: Illamasqua Powder Blush In Katie and Tremble

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Sorry for the lack of posts but my Maters Thesis and Halloween has been totally distracting me!! Talking about Halloween, I hope you’ve all had an amazing one!! Check out my instagram @binkydiamonds to see my costume and some pics from my annual Halloween Party!!!

On to what were really here for….Blush!! I cant believe I’ve never talked about the Illamasqua powder blushes before on the blog, how blasphemous considering all their glory LOL. I only have two (and swatched all the shades several times in stores too!!) but wow are they amazing. So I thought I would share what I love about the two that I own: Katie and Tremble ($26 each, available at sephora and

Illamasqua_blush_review&swatches_Katie_Tremble_1The packaging is rather simple, made from sleek black plastic with a clear lid. It is very sturdy packaging and the lid closes nice and firmly. It is a bit bulky though, its about the size of my palm.

Illamasqua_blush_review&swatches_Katie_TrembleKatie is a super light pastel pink with a matte finish. OMG this is the softest smoothest blush I’ve ever owned. The texture is like butter, it blends extremely smoothly on the cheeks and lasts for approximately 9 hours. I especially love this shade for winter. It gives a beautiful light flushed cheek. Its a great for fair skin tones, although its pigmented the color is rather muted and can be sheered out easily.

Illamasqua_blush_review&swatches_KatieIllamasqua_blush_swatches_KatieTremble is a matte coral pink. This shade is also extremely smooth and buttery. the pigmentation is amazing, as is the longevity at about 9 hours of wear with minimal fading. This shade is rather powerful and can be a bit harsh on fair to light skin tones but is easily sheered out for a light hint of pink. Of course this would look amazing on darker skin tones.

Illamasqua_blush_review&swatches_Tremble1IMG_8772THE VERDICT:

5/5 for both of these amazing powder blushes. The texture is so smooth and blendable, the pigmentation is amazing, and the longevity is great on both. The only downside is the slightly bulky packaging. But all of its amazingess totally makes up for that!!

Have any of you tried the Illamsqua powder blushes? Any recommendations on the shades I should check out? Im heading to London soon so I’ll be looking for more to add to my collection 😀

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Working The Michael Kors Beauty Launch plus Mini Review & Swatches

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Im so sorry I havent really been around, Ive been super busy preparing for my masters thesis and my up and coming fieldwork trip  (which I’m leaving for in less then a week eeekkkk!!!!!). Apart from that I also had the amazing opportunity to work at the Michael Kors Beauty launch in Magasin Du Nord located in Copenhagen last weekend. The hours were long but boy oh boy did I have a fab time 😀

MichaelKors_beauty_launch_copenhagenIt was absolutely amazing. Not only did I pick up a few products for myself I got to apply all the gorgeous bronzers, polishes, and lip products to some lovely ladies.  Plus I worked with some fantastic girlies that made the experience that much better.

The beauty line is split up into three themes that each have corresponding makeup and fragrance: Sporty, Sexy, Glam. The concept behind the themes is really cool. Its meant to symbolize the diverse sides of being a woman and how we don’t just encapsulate one side but all interchangeably.

MichaelKors_Beauty_SportyThis is the Sporty display, It consists of gorgeous nude lip and nail products, a beautiful bronzer, and a light citrus-y perfume.

MichaelKors_Beauty_SexyThe Sexy products are full of vibrant reds and pinks with a a shimmery golden bronzer. The fragrance is warm and rich with notes of amber. This is my favorite fragrance out of the three. Its meant to emulate the feeling of wearing cashmere on a cold autumn day…and wow does it sure feel like it 😀

MichaelKors_Beauty_GlamMichaelKors_Beauty_Glam2The Glam products are just as beautiful at the others. This theme is more vampy and risque boasting gorgeous plums and burgundys. The bronzer is also packed with golden shimmer perfect for a bronzed goddess look. The perfume in this range is rather floral with strong notes of jasmine.

As you can see the display and stands are spot on, super classy and very stylish. I’m loving the metallic gold detailing. Oh and we cant forget how pretty the packaging is. Its so sleek and looks/feels super expensive!! Now you might be wondering how do these products actually preform? Well keep reading and you’ll find out 😀

Michael_Kors_BeautyI picked up a a bronzer, two lip glosses, a nail polish and a perfume from different themes.

Michael_Kors_BeautyMichael_Kors_Beauty_Glowbronzer2I picked up the Sporty Bronzed Powder in Glow ($50). This was the least shimmery of the three. It has a hint of fine shimmer in it but doesn’t translate on the skin as such. It gives a nice satin/demi-matte finish. The texture is really soft and smooth and its super easy to blend. The pigmentation isn’t insane but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes its good to have less pigmented cheek products as its easier to build then it is to erase!! I’m really loving this guy, its not orange or muddy on the skin and it just gives a natural glow. The packaging is a bit big and bulky but its so beautiful that I don’t really care!!!

Michael_Kors_Beauty_GlamPolishMichael_Kors_Beauty_glampolish_desireI knew I wanted a nail polish so I went with this super rich and dark chocolate brown. Its the Glam Nail Lacquer in Desire ($18). This is such a unique shade, its almost black but not as harsh. It applies beautifully and opaquely in 2 coats. It also has really good longevity lasting about 4 days before chipping (which is pretty long for me!!). The brush is a tad on the thin side but I made it work by loading on the product to the brush.

Michael_Kors_Beauty_sexy_museOf course I picked up some lip products. I went for the Sporty Lip Luster in Muse ($24). Its a really light peach with gold shimmer and glitter. Its more on the sheer side and isn’t super pigmented  but that just makes it an easy to use every day shade. The texture isn’t sticky but you can slightly feel the glitter but it isn’t uncomfortable. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t pick up on the amazing way it reflects light.

Michael_Kors_Beauty_sexy_sirenAnd it would have been straight blasphemy had I not picked up this powerful pink. Its the Sexy Lip Luster in Siren ($24). Its a pinky red packed with red and gold glitters. I wish you could see all its amaizngness, the glitter is wow in your face sparkly. The texture is sticky free and again there is a very slight grit due to the glitter but nothing horrible at all. The pigmentation is pretty insane on this one, opaque in one stroke. When you use the corresponding lipstick you really get a pow in the face statement lip.

Michael_Kors_Beauty_SExy+PerfumeI haven’t purchased a perfume in a while so I thought it was time to treat myself to a new fall fragrance. I went for the Sexy Amber Eau De Parfum ($50). Its a very warm and musky scent with notes of amber. I absolutely love this type of rich and heavy fragrance for fall and winter.


4/5 for this beautiful beauty line. The nail polishes are great and easy to use. The lip products are wearable yet some also pack a punch, there’s definitely something for everybody. The bronzer in Glow is perfect for contouring while the others are pretty cheek and highlight shades. I would have to say that over all I’m pretty impressed. The packaging and quality of the products are great, not surprisingly as Estee Lauder is the company behind the brand so it’s expected 😀

Have any of you tried any of the products from the Michael Kors Beauty range..what are your thoughts? Would you try them?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Review & Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys,

So if you dont follow me on Instagram (@binky-diamonds) then you might not know that Im pretty much addicted to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow filling products. I use the Brow Wiz almost everyday to fill in, sculpt, and shape my brows.  You can pick up Anastasia Beverly Hills in Sephora in the US and my internationals can get the products here at Good news for my danish girls, since it comes from the UK we wont be hit with really bad taxes 😀

Recently Anastasia Beverly Hills extended their product line to include awesome eyeshadow pallets and kits. Considering the hype and gorgeous swatches I’ve seen on other blogs I knew had to get my hand on one. So I went for the Catwalk Eyeshadow Palette ($35) and thought I’d share all its gorgeous greatness with you all 😀

anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_4The set is housed in a nice sturdy box with textured leopard print…Love it!!
anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpaletteThe set comes with 10 eye shadows in various shades and finishes, a double ended brush and a beautiful look book.
Now lets get onto the swatches shall we!!!

Call Back: A golden shimmery champagne shade with a frosted finish. Love love love this shade, it has a buttery soft texture, great pigmentation, easy application and blendability.

anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_callbackStrut: A deep eggplant shade with golden purple micro glitters. Smooth texture, great color pay off, and easy to blend.

Scout: A rose gold with golden shimmer reflex. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette. I love the pink and gold mix. Again the texture is buttery smooth, the pigmentation is amazing and super easy to blend. Unfortunately the picture just doesn’t do it justice.


Beauty Mark: A deep dark chocolate matte brown. The texture of this is more dry then the ones mentioned above. But it’s isn’t chalky and the color pay off is great. This shade requires a tad more attention to blending, as is the case with most matte shades, and needs a little more help in that department. Other then that a great staple to have in any palette.

anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_beautymarkLBD: A a deep slate grey with a matte finish. Its nearly black yet pulls more grey. Another great shade. This one is super pigmented, very nice texture for a matte shade, and blends super easily. anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_lbdDay Rate: A matte nude shade with a slight dusy pink undertone. Unfortunatly you cant really see the swatch as its almost the same shade as my skin but the texture is smooth and swatches opaque in one swipe. I love this one for my brow bone highlight or to blend out any harsh edges.
anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_dayrateCouture: A deep chocolate brown with gold and brown micro glitters. Once more another incredibly pigmented shade with great texture and blends easily
anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_coutureRTW: A shimmery bronze with warm orange undertones. Another stand out shade with awesome color pay off, texture and blendability

10K: A shimmery light gold champagne shade. This one is lacking a bit in the pigment department. But with a  good base it really pops on the lid and works wonders as an inner corner highlight. I think this one would look great on darker skin tones and really pop against a deeper shade. The texture is very smooth and its very easy to blend.

anastasiabeverlyhills_catwalkpalette_10KPose: A purpley grey slate shimmer with silver, bronze and gold glitters. This shade has a bit more of a grainy texture compared to the others. Yet the pigmentation is amazing plus its easy to blend out.


4/5 for the amazing palette. The brush is definitely useful and performs well for a bonus product. The look book is beautiful and has some really detailed tutorials. The pigmentation, texture and ease of blending was amazing with the majority of the shades. Unfortunately Pose brought the grade down due to its slightly grainier texture than the other shades as well as 10K’s slight lack of pigmentation. All in all though this palette is a great one to have in any collection and I would definitely recommend this if your in the market for a natural palette.

Have any of you tried this palette or any other Anastasia products? What do you think? BTW keep a look out for new posts…I’ve got some goodies coming up like How To Rock a Deep Lip for Fall and Tips for Application and Longevity. I’ve also got a few more reviews and a new Night Time Skin Care Regime to ward off the evil dirt of city life…so keep your eyes peeled 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land