Review and Swatches: Dolce & Gabbana Eye Shadow Quad in Eden

Hey guys,

Over the past year or so I’ve collected a few of the Dolce & Gabbana eye shadow quads through out my travels. So I thought it would be about time to review and swatch them for you all. I’d like to start off with the Dolce & Gabbana Quad in Eden ($59). I bought mine in Sephora in Dubai. I know some in the US carries the brand and I’ve also seen it at Saks Fith Avenue. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it at any beauty retails in Denmark.

First of all, lets talk about how amazingly gorgeous the packaging is on this thing!! The gold packaging and sleek look really make it feel luxe. Plus it’s super sturdy. Sadly it came with two sponge tip applicators…

Dolce&Gabbana_Eden_Quad_CaseDolce&Gabbana_Eden_Quad_3The quad boasts four light pastel shades in matte and satin finishes with the DG emblem engraved.

Dolce&Gabbana_Eden_QuadDolce&Gabbana_Eden_Quad_1Unfortunately the shades have no name but here’s a few swatches so you can see them up close.

Dolce&Gabbana_Eden_Quad_SwatchesFrom left to right:

  • Off white cream shade with a satin to matte finish. Very creamy and smooth texture. The pigmentation is fantastic as well. It looks absolutely gorgeous as an inner corner highlight.
  • Cool toned pink with shimmer finish. This is the sheerest shade in the quad but its gorgeous in the crease or as a transition shade above the crease.
  • Sea foam mint green shade with matte finish. Slightly powdery texture but smooth at the same time.  Great pigmentation when used with a base.
  • Cool toned light grey with matte finish. This is a really unique shade. Great pigmentation, very smooth. This looks amazing in the crease with a bit of the pink buffed on the edge.


4/5 for this unique quad (from now on my rating will be out of 5 to match the Rich Snippets Ratings in word press!!). The colors are gorgeous, so light and fresh. Perfect for creating ethereal summer looks. They swatch beautifully and opaque. On the eyes they are not as opaque but with a good base or a white base the colors really pop. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this guy but for me it’s a total hit. The color payoff is pretty good for light and pastel shades. The texture is amazing on this bad boy, really soft and smooth. The longevity was great but I’m pretty sure it was the eye primer that did the trick 😀 The down fall of this product is definitely the price!!!

Have any of you tried a quad or other products from the Dolce & Gabbana makeup range? I’d love to hear you opinions 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land

Review & Swatches: Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette Smoke Box II

Hey Guys,

I hope your all having a lovely summer. I’m officially on summer break, just handed in my last uni paper, and now and loving every moment of summer 😀

Today I thought I’d share another Smashbox product: Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette Smoke Box II ($39 available at or, unfortunately unavailable in Denmark).

Smashbox_SmokeBox_ReviewSmashbox_SmokeBox_Review_InsideThis beautiful palate comes housed in hard a sturdy matte black case. Inside there are six lovely smokey shades. The palette also comes with a double ended brush. To be honest I find these rather useless , 9 times out of 10, brushes included in eyeshadow set tend to be not of the best quality. These are OK if you lost all your brushes and your fingers didn’t work (hahaha). They are definitely nothing compared to real Smashbox brushes.

On to the swatches we go:


Alabaster: A off white cream shade with a matte finish. In the flash it looks like it has a satin finish but it is more on the matte side. Its super soft, buttery, highly pigmented and a really beautiful brow highlight and a great base color.

Smashbox_SmokeBox_Review_ThunderThunder: Is a slate grey with slight shimmer. This one was also highly pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend. It had a tad bit of fall out due to the shimmer particles but nothing that cant be avoided if you tap the excess off the brush.

Smashbox_SmokeBox_Review_BlackoutBlackout: Is a matte black. It isn’t the blackest of blacks and leans more toward a dark grey or slate black. Again this shade is smooth, soft, blendable and highly pigmented.

Smashbox_SmokeBox_Review_RoastRoast: Is a mid toned brown with glitter and shimmer particles. This shade had the chunkiest amount of glitter and the most fall out. Nothing huge though, and almost expected with a shade like this. Regardless though the pigmentation is phenomenal and so is the blending capabilities.

Smashbox_SmokeBox_Review_BlackCuurentBlack Current: Is a rich plumy purple with a  matte finish. This is probably my favorite shade in the whole set. Its absolutely gorgeous. Its such a unique shade, im kind of in ove with it at the moment!! Its the softest and creamiest shade in the palette, blends beautifully and the pigmentation is pretty insane.

Smashbox_SmokeBox_Review_SeafoamSeafoam: Is a light champagne shade with golden undertones and a shimmer finish. It looks more silver under the flash, so depending on the lightening it can read slightly more gold or slightly more silver. Its also very smooth to the touch and I didn’t experience fall out with shade. It really is beautiful and pigmented. It really looks fab on the inner corners of the eyes ot all over the lid.


9/10 for this beautifully put together palette. The shades all work together to create a full eye look for either day or night. All the shades are buttery smooth, highly pigmented and so easy to blend and use. There is some fall out but very minimal. As with many dark eye looks, I would suggest applying pre-foundation to avoid any disturbance to the face makeup.

It is pretty pricey almost $40 so if you have similar colors in your collection then I wouldn’t say this is a must. But the quality of these shadows are amazing and that Black Currant shade is to die for.

Here’s a look I did using most of the shades from the palette.


Alabaster: base shade from lid to brow.

Seafoam: on the inner corner by the tear duct.

Roast: on the lid and slightly blended in crease.

Black Currant: outer corner and into crease.

Has anyone tried this Smoke Box out? Would love to hear your experiences 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land

Review & Swatches- Lime Crime D’Antoinette Palette

Hey Guys,

I recently hauled the Lime Crime Fantasy Palette D’Antoinette. I received it early last week and have been using it non stop everyday since then. I’m just in love with this bad boy. And you’ll get to see exactly why.


The Palette D’Antoinette comes with four glorious pastel matte shades and a funky metallic silver. It’s all housed in a sturdy purple tin with Lime Crime engraved on the front. It cost $34.99 and can be purchased through or for my European ladies through Here’s a closer look at the shades, swatches form left to right.



Royal Flush: Pastel pink with a matte finish. Very pigmented and true to color, easy to apply, blends like a gem, barely any chalkiness and rather smooth for a matte, barely no fall out, and lasts all day.



Absinthe-Minded: Light pastel green with a matte finish. This is is highly pigmented and blends effortlessly.



Macarooned: Pastel peachy orange with a matte finish. Again this one is highly pigmented, blends and applies smoothly.


Ribbonesque: Pastel lavender purple with a matte finish. Like all the shades in this palette, this shade is also extremly pigmented, smooth, easy to blend, almost zero fallout and lasts for hours.


Mercurious: This is the only shimmery shade in the palette. It’s a high metallic silver.  It actually complements these shades really well although it may seem out of place. Out of all the shades this is the least impressive. It is very pigmented but It is a little on the chunky shimmery side and has more fall out then the others although still minimal.

Here’s a look I did using Absinthe-Minded and some matte browns from the Lorac Pro Palette. iLimeCrime_DAntoinette_Look

The Verdict:

Overall this beautiful gem of a palette deserves a 9/10.

Its just amazing. I haven’t found any matte pastel colors as pigmented, buttery, smooth and long wearing as these. All of the shades are true to color, highly pigmented, and pack a punch. The great thing is although they are bright and vibrant colors the matte and pastel nature of most of the shades creates quite a romantic and soft look. Another bonus with this palette: it can also be used on the cheeks, or the over the whole face, plus you can use the super cute tin when your done with your shadows 😀 I would highly recommend this palette, although it may be a bit pricey its well worth the money. The quality is just absolutely fantastic!!

This has definitely given me a great impression of Lime Crime products. It’s the first product I’ve tried from them and I hope it’s not the last 😀 I have heard amazing things about their lipsticks. Have you tried any Lime Crime products? Anything you would recommend?

Hugs from Beauty Land