Amazing Products from Make Up For Ever That Will Tranform Your Make Up Routine

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best_products_makeupforeverSo life has been super exciting recently. I have so much great news :) I got my date for my oral exam to defend my masters thesis in early April and Ive been freelancing for some great brands working an event doing nails for YSL, makeup consultations for Elizabeth Arden, and Ive been freelancing with my favorite brand Make Up For Ever (MUFE). Ah wow oh wow am I one lucky gal because I got the full time position for make up artist at MUFE… YEY!!!!!!! Since Ive been a huge fan of MUFE for years now I thought I would share some of my absolutely favorite products from the brand that will surely revamp your collection and makeup routine.

Aqua Liner

Oh wow is this liquid liner the best thing to ever come into my life. I used to be a strict gel liner girl but ever since discovering this bad boy I haven’t touched my gel liners since. The tip is absolutely fab for creating perfectly thin or thicker lines and great to make that perfect wing. Plus its waterproof. If your looking for a great liquid eyeliner this is the best on the market for sure. Right now I only own shade nr. 13 the blackest black, and shade nr. 8, a metallic purple.

MUFE_AquaLinerAqua Cream

So the Aqua Creams are a bit like Mac’s Paint Pots but in a range of way more fun shades. These gals are waterproof and crease proof. Can be used alone or as a base for your shadow. My favorite ones are shades nr.18, a cool lavender and nr. 15. a beautiful bronze.


(Top: Nr. 18, Bottom: Nr. 15)

HD Powder Pressed

Ive been using the HD Loose Powder in my freelance kit for years and MUFE have recently launched a pressed version. This one I use on myself, surprise right since its powder!!! But this stuff isn’t drying or cakey in the least bit. Since spring is kicking in which means a whole bunch of humidity which makes my make up melt so badly, this stuff has been amazing at keeping my make up in place. I dust a very light amount on my T zone and I’m set to go for the whole day, no touch ups needed.

MUFE_HD_PressedPowderMUFE_HD_PressedPowder_openMatte Eye Shadows

One of my favorite products from MUFE are their matte eye shadows. Holy Moly are these guys pigmented. They are a joy to blend, last ages without fading or creasing, and you get so much product for your buck!!! Some of my favorites are shades nr. 09 the perfect lavander, nr. 05 a gorgeous peachy coral, and nr. 75. the most pigmented hot pink!


(Left to Right: nr. 09, nr. 05, and nr. 75)

Rouge Artist Natural Lipsticks

Well no surprise I threw in a few lipsticks. The Rouge Artist Natural line is absolutely fab, great pigmentation, but not overly pigmented either so easier to manage on a day to day basis. The consistency is smooth and moisturizing. They feel so great on the lips and leave a subtle shine. Im obsessed with this bright rosy pink in shade nr. N34 and this great warm nude in shade nr. N14.

MUFE_RougeArtistNatural_LipstickMUFE_RougeArtistNatural_Lipstick_Swatches(Left to right: nr. N34, nr. N14)

Oh how I love everything about MUFE products, long wearing, pigmented, comfortable to wear, the list goes on really. I’m so happy I have these products in my life and wouldn’t know what to do without them, haha, a little dramatic but you know what I mean. Id love to hear some of your favorite MUFE products so totally leave a comment below :)

Hugs from Beauty Land

My Favorite Setting Powders & Tips For Avoiding Cake Face

Hey Guys,

So today I thought Id talk a little bit about setting powders (in the context of using a liquid base). Setting powders do wonders, they can help set your cream under eye concealer so it doesn’t crease, it can help with oil and shine control, give a radiant look to the skin, and it can help prolong your foundation and make up. The following products are some of my favorite setting powders with rather varying finishes and purposes.

IMG_9514For shine control and longevity look for a transparent powder like the Make Up For Ever HD Powder. This particular translucent powder works on all skin tones, sets the make up for maximum longevity, and does an amazing job at shine control. Not to mention this product looks amazing in pictures and on camera by controlling the white cast that can appearĀ  in photos.

Favorite_longwear_beauty_products_MUFE_HDPowderAnother great powder to get you camera ready is the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Translucent Setting Powder. The finish on this is a little less matteifying then the MUFE HD powder and has more of a skin like quality. It doesn’t create flash back and makes the skin glow in a natural way. Love this product but definitely don’t care for the packaging. The sponge is super annoying and impracticable, I just take it off when in use and replace when its stored away to avoid a loose powder catastrophe. (side note: I wouldn’t recommend this product to dark skinned guys and gals as it does have a light flesh tone color, which may create an ashy appearance).

UrbanDecay_razorSharpUltraDefintion_finishingPowderThe Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Fair is a wonderful setting powder for the under eye area. Its almost translucent but has a slight pale-pink tone to help brighten under the eye area (Its like the Banana Powder for light skinned folks!!). It doesn’t cake up or dry the area and helps my concealer be crease free all day long.

bennye_facepowderIf your not worried about flash back in photos and your going for a more natural look then I highly recommend the Mac Mineralized Skin Finishes. The finish of this product is gorgeous, it makes the skin look so radiant and fresh. It helps my make up last and helps with minimal shine control without completely mattifying the face. Plus the shade range is extensive. I like to use it either to set my foundation and to add a bit more coverage (as its not translucent yet is on the sheer side) or in the summer on its own just to create a fresh and even skin tone. It lasts all day long and never fails.

Mac_MSFAnother similar product is the Mac Select Sheer Loose Powder. It has the same type of light reflecting properties but also does a slightly better job at oil control. There is a small shade range but due to its sheer nature the possibility of finding the right shade is high. The only down side is that its loose and thus prone to making a mess.

mac_selectSheerLossePowderThings To Keep In Mind When Working With Setting Powder:

  1. When applying powder remember to tap the brush to remove excess product. Its better to apply thin layers and easier to correct then applying too much!
  2. Use a light hand and a large fluffy brush to disperse a sheer wash of product (the denser the brush the more product transferred onto the skin!!). This will help avoid and/or minimize the chance of cake face.
  3. When applying powder try to push the brush and product into the skin, rather than swiping, to avoid moving or disturbing the make up underneath. Another option is to use a large fan brush or a powder puff to roll product onto the skin to minimize disturbance.
  4. Use a setting spray, whether for oil control or dewyness, to further set make up and to sheer down powder if you accidentally went over board.
  5. If you lean more towards oily skinned avoid heavy dewy or light reflecting powders whereas my dry skinned girls should go for the opposite.
  6. When choosing setting powder consider what you want it to do as well as your skin type and shade: are you looking to look flawless on camera, control oil, maximize longevity or all of the above?

I love all these powders for different reasons but one thing they have in common is their ability to stand up to their individual claims and their ability to adapt to skin for a flawless long lasting finish. What do you guys think, are any of these your favorites too?

Hugs from Beauty Land