Japanese Inspired Nail art on Natural Nails

So ever since I got my fingers into calgel and japanese nail art I’ve been wanting to re-create similar designs on my own natural nails. Well here are some the maniucures I’ve created using a variety of 3D goodies :)

Japanese_InspiredNailArt_Natural Nails_PinkI did a hot pink mani here and added some pre-sticky rhinestones from Sephora for a quick but blinged out look :) I top coated with my trusty Seche Vite.

3-BinkyD-Japan-BlackTip-Pearls&HeartsThis is one of my favorites. I did a pink glitter base color, black side sweep tip and blinged out my nails excessively with a variety of pearls, rhinestones and extra loose ice chips. Love this one :)

4-BinkyD-Japan-PinkTiger&Lolly&BowsAnother favorite. I thought I would go OTT with this one as I just received a bunch of goodies from Hong Kong. I did a pink glitter base, created the tiger stripes using a black striping polish. I glued on bows, a lollipop, and a flower using nail glue.

5-BinkyD-Japan-GoldTiger&BowAnother tiger design with I also love :) I used a gold holographic by China Glaze but its not that noticable in the pic ( I will do a post regarding holographic polishes later). I used my trusty black striping polish for the stripes and glued on some red 3D bows with nail glue.

Expect some more fun and cooky designs soon 😀

Hugs from Beauty Land

Japanese Nail Art a la Cal Gel

So I was in San Francisco during the summer visiting my parents and I was really interested in trying out some Japanese nail art.

I normally do my nails myself so im pretty reserved when it comes to spending my money getting my nails done at a salon (especially when most of the times I end up doing a better and more creative job then they would)….BUT I came across Nail Art House located in Japan Town in San Francisco.

Asako is the nail technician there and she specializes in calgel technology only. She creates the most awsome nail art I’ve seen in a while. Plus since she uses calgel which allows the designs to last for two to three weeks so it’s definetly worth the money. You should definetly check out her work on the facebook page


Asako is super friendly, really creative and a joy to be around. So durring my stay I got two sets done, one when I first got there and one before I left, and here are the results of her artistic mastery :)

In this mani Asako created a double french tip in light pink and hot pink. She then decked out my nails with 3D love cakes and swarvski crystals. I just loved and still love this…the design is super cute and just what I wanted. I asked for pink and girly and it’s just what I expected and more! Plus she really knows how to apply and work with the gel polish.

No wonder I went back for another appointment:

Sticking with the girly and pink theme, this time we opted for a hello kitty wonderland.

Asako created a degradation effect in pink, witha  glitter tint then decked out with Hello Kitty Fimos, 3D crystal bows, a few holographic glitters, and super cute fruit decals. I asked for something Over The Top and I got Over The Top…I was too happy with this mani that it inspired me to create my own 3D wonderlands. To be shown later of course :) I just cant wait till xmas for my next set  :)