Nail Art Inspiration using Nail Stickers & Decals

Its no secret that I’m obsessed with…. I’ve tried their nail decals (check out my review here) and now I’m playing around with their nail art stickers. Just like nail decals, nail stickers are an easy and cost effective way to have super fun nails. I got my hands on a super adorable pair full of candies and sweets.

bornprettystore_nailstickers_sweetsI created this super cute mani by applying 1 coat of white polish followed by a glittery pink polish. I then used the “Sweets” nail sticker set.

bornprettystore_sweets_nailstickersI also thought it would be fun to share this mani I did using the “I Love You” set  (although they are nail decals and not nail stickers)


bornprettystore_iloveyou_nailstickersHow To Apply Nail Art Stickers

1. Apply base coat

2. Apply color or colors of your choice. Let dry completely.

3. When nail polish is super dry peel off sticker of choice using a tweezer and place on desired nail.

4. Apply top coat to seal in design.

The Verdict

These nail stickers get a 5/5 from me.

Although they may not be as thin as nail decals they are still on the thinner side compared to other brands and styles I’ve tried. They lay relatively flat on the nail and last a long time (about a week) before fading. They are so easy to apply, even easier than nail decals as it doesn’t require water. Plus there are so many awesome designs to choose from for less than $1!!! Check out their selection here and I also have a discount code for you guys so use BKYW10 at checkout for 10% off.

Whats your favorite way to incorporate nail art stickers into your designs?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Sneak Peek: Depend Cosmetic 7 Day Polish Spring Collection

So not too long ago I tried out the new Depend Cosmetic 7 Day Polish (you can find a full review here) and I just got my hands on the new spring collection. The color palette screams spring time with shades of pink, sea-foam green, and periwinkle blue.

Depend_Cosmetic_7DayPolish_SpringCollection1Top Row

Just Divine: Periwinkle baby blue with a cream finish.

In Harmony: Greyish mid toned blue with cream finish.

Mrs. Mint: Pastel mint green with a cream finish.

Bottom Row

Cotton Dreams: Baby pink with tiny gold shimmers.

Pink Mania: Bright mid toned pink with a cream finish.

Valentine Flirt: Pinky coral with a cream finish.

Always Daydreaming: Lavender purple with tiny gold shimmers.

IMG_6854You can get your hands on the collection the week of March 30th and available in large Matas Stores and Magasin for 49 dkr a piece. I’m already in love with Always Dreaming…Whats shades are you lusting over?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Nail Art Inspiration & Review: Depend Cosmetic 7 Day Polish

Hey Guys :)

So today’s post will focus on the relatively new 7 Day Hybrid Polish from Depend Cosmetic.

Depend Cosmetic 7 day Hybrid Nail Polish

depend cosmetic 7 day polish So what exactly is a Hybrid 7 Day Polish?  Well its a 3 step polish system (a little like gel) which gives a glossy, long lasting finish without having to cure in a led/uv lamp. It lasts up to 7 days and can be removed using plain old nail polish remover.

You can purchase it in Denmark at most Matas stores and Magasin and costs 100 dkr for the starter kit which includes a cleanser, top coat and base coat. Each individual polish costs 49 dkr. You can check out their full color selection here and stock lists for your country.

How to Apply

Step 1: Cleanse the nail thoroughly to remove any dirt or oils (comes in the starter kit). This step is sooooo important if you want the polish to adhere properly on the nail for maximum longevity.

Step 2: Apply 7 Day Base Coat (comes in starter set). Apply a thin layer and let dry before continuing to next step. Again it is important that the layer is thin so it can dry properly and so the “colored” polish can adhere.

Step 3: Add a coat of your chosen shade. Let dry completely before applying a second layer. Repeat this step until you have reached the opacity you desire. I find with most shades 2 coats is enough to get full opacity.

Step 4: Apply Top Coat (comes in starter set). Let dry and wait for about 5-10 minutes. Then apply a second coat of the Top Coat. And voila lovely shiny nails.

Here’s a few fun looks I created with the 7 Day System.

Depedn Cosmetic 7 Day Polish & Nail Art Here I used shades Goth Black on my thumb and ring finger and Mixed Berries on the rest. For a little glitz I added Flickering Star glitter to the tips and added some cute Hello Kitty Nail Decals I got from Sephora years ago.

bornprettystore Audrey Hepburn nail decalsI used Blueberry Smoothie for this mani and tipped it off with Flickering Star glitter and these amazing Born Pretty Store Audrey Hepburn Nail Decals which you can get here.

The Verdict:


  • The nail polish is so easy to apply. The tip of the brush is rounded and the width of the brush is rather large making an easy and clean application especially near the cuticle.
  • No streaking for a beautiful smooth application and finish.
  • The top coat gives an ultra glossy finish mimicking that of gels without the curing or daunting task of removing them.
  • Great color selection with a variety of different finishes from creams and glitters to sheer nudes and mother of pearl finishes.
  • I also love the fact that the polish bottles are small. It takes up less space and makes it easier to finish them so I can buy new shades to try 😉
  • Does not stain or damage nail bed.


  • Does not last a full 7 days (though they do claim on their website that it is UP TO 7 days of wear). But I can get 7 days of wear if I reapply the top coat every day or every other day…
  • It is only completely chip resistant if you reapply the Top Coat on an every other day basis. Otherwise it is susceptible to chips. Though I have to say that the type of job I have doesn’t help in the least bit.  Because I work with my hands 24/7 they are highly susceptible to chipping and damage. Keep your nails short and you’ll gain more wear out of the polish.

So I’ve decided to give this nail polish system a 5/5. You get a glossy, long lasting, and relatively chip free wear for a great price. Plus there is zero damage to your nails and a super easy removal process ( in comparison to gels). I just cant wait to get my hands on the spring collection which will be out soon.

Have any of you tried the Depend Cosmetic 7 Day Hybrid Polish System? If so what do you think and what are some of your favorite shades?

Hugs from Beauty Land