Review & Swatches: Mac Tropical Taboo Collection

Hey guys and Dolls,

Before I left for LA I picked up a few items from the Mac Topical Taboo Collection. I’ve had a week to play around and test these babies so I’d though Id do a review and share some swatches 😀

Mac_Tropical_Taboo_CollectionThere were a lot of gorgeous lipsticks, mineralized blushes and eye shadows but I only snagged up a few Items. I managed to get the Mineralized Skin Finish in Rio ($30), a Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play ($22), and two Creemsheen Glasses in Fever Isle and Calypso Beat ($20).

Mac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_MSF_RioMac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_MSF_Rio_SwatchThe MSF in Rio is by far my favorite item from this collection. Its an amazing pinky frosted highlight. Its so gorgeous on. It reflects light like crazy so use a light hand. It look fabulous on the cheek bones of course and stunning in the inner corners. Love Love Love this 😀

Mac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_MineralizedLipstick_Ladt_At_PlayMac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_Lipstick_SwatchThe Mineralized Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play is a bright pinky coral. Its really vibrant, highly pigmented and super hydrating. It really feels fantastic on the lips, super comfortable. Its not the most super long wearing, and doesn’t claim to be either,  but it held a good 4 hours before fading.

Mac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_CreemsheenGlass_feverIsleI also picked up a Creemsheen Glass in Fever Isle. Its a bright pink coral, it basically matches the Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play. Its more on the sheer side and highly glossy. It doesn’t swatch great but it does look fab over the mineralze lipstick. The creemsheen Glasses are different in texture to the Lip Glasses, they are far less sticky and are far more comfortable to wear 😀

Mac_Tropical_Taboo_Collection_Creemsheen_CalypsoBeatThe Creemsheen Glass in Calypso Beat is a sparkly nude with slight pink undertones. This gloss is so gorgeous. There are gold and pink sparkles but they’re not chunky glitters and don’t feel grainy on at all. Its actually so comfortable and looks great on its own and layered on top of loads of different shades. The pigmentation is pretty great for a gloss, special a neutral shade. Really love this shade and formula.


Over all I would give these bad boys 9/10. The MSF and gloss in Calypso Beat are stand outs for me. The Creemsheen in Fever Isle is super gorgeous over the lipstick but is a bit sheer on its own. The lipstick is really great, the color isn’t that unique but the formula and shiny hydrating finish is fantastic. Though I’m not too sure if I like the packaging on these new lipsticks. Its a bit big and clunky. Maybe it will just need a little getting use to 😀

Have you tried any of the products from this collection? Id love to hear your thoughts on the Mineralize Rich lipstick packaging.. is it a nay or yay?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Mac Haul & Mini Review/Swatches- Haley Williams Collection

Hey Guys,

I’m finally back and ready to get into to my normal blogging ways 😀 I handed in the first draft of my paper so now I finally have time to dedicate myself to make up!!!

The postman came last week with a little present… goodies from the Haley Williams Collection by Mac 😀 So I thought I would share my thoughts on this collection. I didn’t pick up the whole collection just a few bits: Sounds Like Noise Matte Lipstick, Daydreaming Velux Pearl Eyeshadow, and Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade (already owned this guy)

Mac_HaleyWillamsCollectionWell lets get on to the swatches shall we 😀

Mac_HaleyWillamsCollection_SoundsLikeNoiseLipstickSounds Like Noise Matte Lipstick is a vibrant orange with a matte finish. Like most matte lipsticks from mac it’s a bit drying and the texture is a little dry and thick. It’s not the best in terms of texture but the color is wow on. It looks really nice sheered out with the finger or a little gloss on top.

Mac_HayleyWilliamsCollection_DaydreamingMac_HayleyWilliamsCollection_Daydreaming_SwatchesThe Daydreaming Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow is by far my favorite item from this collection. It’s a forsted midtone coral with red/orange undertones. Amazing pigmentation, rather smooth, easy to blend and apply.  I dont have any color like this in my collection so I’m super happy I picked it up. Now all I have to do is de-pot it and put it in my Mac Z Palette.

Mac_HayleyWilliamsCollection_Daydreaming_LightscapadeAnd Lastly we have the Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade. I already owned this bad boy and I’m in love with it (you might even see it in my April Favorites!!!) It’s a pale white/beige highlighter so it’s great for fair skinned ladies like my self. I love to use it on the top of my cheek bones and the inner corner of my eyes. The texture is super soft and the shimmer is really subtle. There’s no big chunks of glitter so it looks rather natural. It doesn’t seem to accentuate pores and it lasts all day on me.


Overall this collection deserves an 8/10. It would have gotten a 9/10 if Sounds Like Noise wasn’t so drying. Apart from that, the pigmentation, blendability and texture of these products are very nice. It’s an online exclusive collection so if you want to get your hands on any of these products do it soon 😀

Ive got so many fun posts for you guys so keep a look out for my April Favorites, more Hauls and Reviews, plus my top 5 favorite face primers.

Have a lovely day my beauty junkies,

Hugs from Beauty Land

Mac Collective Haul & Swatches

Hey Beauty Lovers,

I’ve got a little Mac collective haul to share with you all. I purchased these items over the course of the last three months (expect a few to show up in this months favorites :D).

Well lets just get on with it. Here’s all my Mac goodies of late


I picked up a few lipsticks of course. I’m really into the bright lip trend at the moment especially pinks and corals. I finally picked up some of Macs most cult lipsticks Myth, Snob and Saint Germain.



I really like having the matching glosses to my lip sticks so I also picked up two lipglasses in Myth and Saint Germain


The glowing skin look is all the rave at the moment so I decide to pick up a Strobe Cream and a Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade. I have to say I’m really loving the Strobe Cream so far. I mix two small pumps in with my foundation or BB cream for a lit from within glow.


Over all I’m pretty happy with my Mac goodies of late. I’ve seen there’s some new collections coming out soon (lets hope there nothing worth lusting over so I don’t hurt the wallet more then it already is!!! haha)

Keep a look out because I’ve got some really fun spring time posts coming up.

Have a super day.

Hugs from Beauty Land