Review & Swatches: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers

I have to say I’m a firm and strong believer in makeup primers,  they are the start to any great makeup and the key for a long lasting one too. Sure there’s nothing new about primers and color correctors but The New Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers are some next level S**t!!!!! These bad boys are more then just plain old primers but skin equalizers that smooth and refine the skin. They also enhance your final make up for a seamless and long lasting wear.

MakeUpForEver_Step1_SkinEqualizerPrimersThere are 11 different primers in the range. Here’s a little break down of each one:

MATTIFYING PRIMER: Mattefies and oil controls while reducing pore size for a long lasting makeup.

SMOOTHING PRIMER: Fills in and blurs imperfections. Its great for minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for a flawless and resurfaced texture. Enhances longevity of makeup wear too.

HYDRATING PRIMER: Formulated with specific H₂O Complex, it provides moisture which transforms dehydrated skin into a supple, healthy, plump surface for a flawless makeup all day long.

NOURISHING PRIMER: Instantly replenishes dry and dehydrated skin. Made with Vegetal Complex that hydrates and revives skin while antioxidants protect from the elements. It also helps to restores elasticity and ensures a more uniform texture for a flawless makeup all day long.

REDNESS CORRECTING PRIMER: Instantly neutralizes and evens out red tones with the use of Green Spectraflex® pigments.

RADIANT PRIMERS:  Instantly color corrects according to skin tone, helps boost radiance levels, and hydrates the skin. Formulated with Spectraflex® pigments to neutralize imperfections and banish dullness, and even skin tone for a flawless makeup all day long.

The radiance primers come in 6 different types:

Nr. 6: Cool Pink is for yellow fair skin
Nr. 7: Blue is for yellow/red fair skin
Nr. 8: Peach is for fair skin
Nr. 9: Yellow is for tanned skin
Nr. 10. Caramel is for dark skin
Nr. 11. Mauve is for yellow dark skin

Review & Swatches:

I was lucky enough to get gifted the Nourishing and Hydrating Primer and decided to also invest in the Redness Corrector and the Smoothing Primer. I thought I’d put them to the test and give you guys a little review of the ones I’ve tried.


makeupforever_step1_equalizer_swatches(from left to right: Nourishing Primer, Hydrating Primer, Smoothing Primer, Redness Correcting Primer)

Nourishing Primer: The texture of this primer is rather like a moisturizer. Yet it feels more light weight and sinks into the skin quickly. I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes were less apparent when using this. It definitely nourished the areas where I have dry patches in between my eyebrows and on my chin where I suffer from a little eczema. The result was a flawless foundation application and wear.

Hydrating Primer: The texture of this one is lighter than the Nourishing Primer but still delivers on the hydrating properties. Its very smooth and soft and left my skin feeling supple. It doesn’t feel greasy in the slightest and is rather light weight. I really like to wear this one my normal/dry days but I especially like to mix it in with some of the more drying foundation formulas for a more lit from within finish.

Smoothing Primer: I’m really in love with this. Its smoothed out every fine line and pore on my face. Its reminds me a bit of the Benefit Porefessional but I find it more smoothing and less drying. My foundation has never looked so amazing and it really is tripling the wear of it too.

Redness Corrector: The pigment level is so strong, I need the tiniest bit on my bare flushed cheeks and bye bye redness.

The Verdict:

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a little Primer Cocktail-ing haha. I begin with the Nourishing Primer if my dry patches are flaring up otherwise the Hydrating Primer on my good days. I then use the Redness Corrector on my cheeks and chin and then I top it all off with the Smoothing Primer for that ultimately smooth texture. My makeup not only lasts 3 times longer but it looks beautiful and radiant all day long without needing touch-ups!! These guys deserve a 5/5 for sure!!!

Have any of your tried the new primers, what are your thoughts?

Hugs from Beauty Land

Top 5 Most Amazing Waterproof & Sweatproof Make Up For Ever Products

Hey Guys,

 MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_MakeupSo summer is in full gear here in Europe which means the heat and sun comes along with a heavy dose of humidity! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, makeup is not a fan of humidity or sweat…it breaks down your make up making it patchy and not so long lasting. So to by pass all those yukky makeup situations I’ve complied a list of the most amazing waterproof, sweat proof and humidity proof products, and who does it better than Make Up For Ever!!

MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_Makeup_HDPowder1. HD Powder… I cant live without it in the summer. I tend to be on the dry side but in the summer I become pretty shiny and oily thanks to the humidity. This stuff keeps my makeup looking flawless and fresh for hours on end.

MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_Makeup_Aquamatics2. Aquamatics… these new bad boys have been a real life saver for me this summer. They are 100% waterproof, smudge proof and just generally proof haha. Once these guys set that’s it, it wont budge a bit!! The color selection is great including fun bright shades and perfect neutrals. These are the only products I’ve found that last all day long in my waterline without leaking or smearing!!!

MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_Makeup_Aquamatics_AquaBrow3. Aqua Brow… My holy grail eyebrow products. As the name suggests this waterproof cream/gel is amazing. It’s so easy to work with, dries quickly and wont smudge, not from your hair swiping across, or an accidental swipe of the hand, and not to mention straight up swimming .

MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_Makeup_Aquamatics_AquaBlack4. Aqua Black… I’m obsessed with cat liner at the moment and feel incomplete without it. This is another waterproof product that lasts all day without chipping or fading. The texture and consistency is soft and creamy yet not too wet or too dry for that matter. Plus it has a little sealer so it doesn’t dry out!!!!

MakeUpForEver_Waterproof&Sweatproof_Makeup_Aquamatics_AquaLip5. Aqua Lip…Best lip liners EVER!!!!!!!!! These guys really don’t budge. My lipstick lasts all day on top of these bad boys. The texture is soft yet stiff enough for maximum control. They dont dry my lips out either so they also work great on their own.

Sure these things might seem perfect for those hot summer days but these bad boys are perfect for those cold, windy, rainy, and snowy winters too, which happens to be right around the corner!! What are some of your favorite long lasting products? Have you tired any of these from Make Up For Ever? Keep a look out on my blog because I’ll be featuring the new Artist Shadows (next level eye shadows for sure!!) and Black Liners (launching at MUFE in Sephora Illum on Wednesday August 13)

Hugs from Beauty Land

Amazing Products from Make Up For Ever That Will Tranform Your Make Up Routine

Hey Guys,

best_products_makeupforeverSo life has been super exciting recently. I have so much great news :) I got my date for my oral exam to defend my masters thesis in early April and Ive been freelancing for some great brands working an event doing nails for YSL, makeup consultations for Elizabeth Arden, and Ive been freelancing with my favorite brand Make Up For Ever (MUFE). Ah wow oh wow am I one lucky gal because I got the full time position for make up artist at MUFE… YEY!!!!!!! Since Ive been a huge fan of MUFE for years now I thought I would share some of my absolutely favorite products from the brand that will surely revamp your collection and makeup routine.

Aqua Liner

Oh wow is this liquid liner the best thing to ever come into my life. I used to be a strict gel liner girl but ever since discovering this bad boy I haven’t touched my gel liners since. The tip is absolutely fab for creating perfectly thin or thicker lines and great to make that perfect wing. Plus its waterproof. If your looking for a great liquid eyeliner this is the best on the market for sure. Right now I only own shade nr. 13 the blackest black, and shade nr. 8, a metallic purple.

MUFE_AquaLinerAqua Cream

So the Aqua Creams are a bit like Mac’s Paint Pots but in a range of way more fun shades. These gals are waterproof and crease proof. Can be used alone or as a base for your shadow. My favorite ones are shades nr.18, a cool lavender and nr. 15. a beautiful bronze.


(Top: Nr. 18, Bottom: Nr. 15)

HD Powder Pressed

Ive been using the HD Loose Powder in my freelance kit for years and MUFE have recently launched a pressed version. This one I use on myself, surprise right since its powder!!! But this stuff isn’t drying or cakey in the least bit. Since spring is kicking in which means a whole bunch of humidity which makes my make up melt so badly, this stuff has been amazing at keeping my make up in place. I dust a very light amount on my T zone and I’m set to go for the whole day, no touch ups needed.

MUFE_HD_PressedPowderMUFE_HD_PressedPowder_openMatte Eye Shadows

One of my favorite products from MUFE are their matte eye shadows. Holy Moly are these guys pigmented. They are a joy to blend, last ages without fading or creasing, and you get so much product for your buck!!! Some of my favorites are shades nr. 09 the perfect lavander, nr. 05 a gorgeous peachy coral, and nr. 75. the most pigmented hot pink!


(Left to Right: nr. 09, nr. 05, and nr. 75)

Rouge Artist Natural Lipsticks

Well no surprise I threw in a few lipsticks. The Rouge Artist Natural line is absolutely fab, great pigmentation, but not overly pigmented either so easier to manage on a day to day basis. The consistency is smooth and moisturizing. They feel so great on the lips and leave a subtle shine. Im obsessed with this bright rosy pink in shade nr. N34 and this great warm nude in shade nr. N14.

MUFE_RougeArtistNatural_LipstickMUFE_RougeArtistNatural_Lipstick_Swatches(Left to right: nr. N34, nr. N14)

Oh how I love everything about MUFE products, long wearing, pigmented, comfortable to wear, the list goes on really. I’m so happy I have these products in my life and wouldn’t know what to do without them, haha, a little dramatic but you know what I mean. Id love to hear some of your favorite MUFE products so totally leave a comment below :)

Hugs from Beauty Land