Must Have Nail Care Products From Sephora

Its no secrete that I’m a nail prdouct junkie, everything from nail polish to cutcile oils and evreything in between. So I though I’d share my two must have products from Sephora that must be in my stash at all times.

sephora_nailpolishremoverbathIve been using the Express Nail Polish Remover (8 Euros) for years now. Its a quick and effective way to remove your polish. You just stick your finger in the sponge, twist and turn, pull out and bye bye nail polish.

express_nailpolish_removerexpress_nailpolish_remover_1Its a gentle formula that doesn’t dry out the nails yet removes polish, even glitter, in just an instant. One pot lasts me about 6 months of weekly to bi-weekly use. Once the product dries out you can refill a bit with your own nail polish remover, eventually the sponge inside will become completely ripped up and that’s when its time for a new one. But considering the budget friendly cost its no big dent to the wallet.

Instant_Nail&Cuticle_Care_SephoraThe Instant Nail and Cuticle Care  (9 Euros) is somewhat of a new addition to Sephora and its a great addition indeed. Its the same concept as the nail polish remover but instead the sponge is filled with Camelia Oil and other nourishing and strengthening ingredients like Almond Oil and Gerenoil.

Instant_Nail&Cuticle_Care_Sephora_2Once I’m done saturating each finger I let the oil soak in, then I rub in the excess. It smells delightful, does wonders for my nails, and keeps my cuticles hydrated.

I think these instant beauty wonders are totally worth it, and I cant imagine my nail care stash without them. Whats even cooler, they made a toe friendly version!!!

Hugs from Beauty Land