Mix and Match Nail Art using Depend Cosmetic GelLack

Hey Guys :)

I’m sure you already know by now that I’m totally obsessed with the Depend Cosmetic GelLack polishes and LED system, the color selection is amazing, the final results and longevity is ten fold of traditional nail polish and it’s pretty budget friendly.

Currently I’m pretty into doing mix and match nails, it gives me a chance to wear several shades when I can’t make up my mind (because they’re all soooo pretty!!). Plus it’s a fast and effective way to spice up your mani with pretty little effort.


From left to right I used the shades Midnight Glitter, Romantic Plum & French White, Fresh Mint & French White & Black As Night, French White and Twinkle Gold

You can check out my tutorial for how to create polka dots and leopard print here


From left to right I used shades Candy Floss, Sweet Purple, Princess Sparkle Glitter, Pink Daisy, Pink Lady Glitter

I’ll be be doing some new designs soon so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime totally tag me on Instagram @binkydiamonds so I can see your recreations.

Hugs from Beauty Land