Cute And Easy Autumn Nail Art

Its no surprise that I’m obsessed with nail art!!! I don’t even remember the last time I just did one shade on all 10 fingers haha!!! Yet doing nail art can become very time consuming so Ive created some easy and quick autumn nails that anyone can recreate.

bornprettystore_waterdecal_nailart For this cute little fall mani I painted my nails with 2 coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff, waited for them to dry and applied these super cute water decals from and locked it in with my all time favorite top coat: Seche Vite. These are the best decals I’ve ever used, they were so easy to apply and so thin which made them sit so beautifully on the nail. They have so many super cute designs and styles (not to mention a bunch of other nail and beauty related goodies). The ones I used you can find right here

BKYW10(10-09-16-15-50)(1)BornPrettyStroe where kind enough to supply my readers with this 10% off discount code. Thank You Born Pretty Store 😀 If you get your hands on some totally tag me on instagram @binkydiamonds so I can see what you’ve created!!

naiart_ombre_glitter_negativespaceHeres anoher mani I’ve recently created which involved a little ombre, glitter and negative space. To create the ombre I did 2 coats of OPI Dont Bossa Nova Me Around and let it dry. Then with the desired shade or glitter I used a sponge to stipple the color on starting from the tip of nail working towards the cuticle. Let dry and pack on more color to the tip until you have your ombre.

To create the negative space, I took some thin nail tape and lined it on my nails. I then painted 2 coats of OPI Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees and waited until it was completely dry to pull off the tape, and voila, nagative space nails!!

What was your favorite mani? I loved the decals because they are so fricking adorable but I also love the ombre for a more sophisticated look.

Hugs from Beauty Land

My Favorite Nail Polish Shades for Autumn

Hey guys,

Now that’s its officially autumn its time to switch to more autumnal shades whether its warm and rich oranges and browns or mauve, khaki greens, and muted purples.  So today I though I’d share some of my most used and loved Autumnal nail polish shades 😀

favorite_nailpolish-for_fallA great way to really feel that fall atmosphere and coziness is to jazz up your nails with a gorgeous shade of orange. I absolutely love the spicy and warm shades like OPI  Take The Stage and Mac Styleseeker. The OPI is packed with gorgeous orange glitter and the Mac has a fantastic metallic finish. Opt for a cool toned brown with a hint of orange shimmer if your more into subtle shades like OPI Illuminate DS from the Designer Series.


(OPI Take The Stage, Mac Styleseeker, OPI Illuminate DS)

Mossy and muted greens are a definite must have for me during the autumn months. Try a forest green like OPI Jade Is The New Black for a more vibrant look. For a more toned down and muted version try Essie Sew Psyched.


(OPI Jade Is The New Black, Essie Sew Psyched)

Purples and berry shades are a staple in the autumnal color scheme and they suit so many skin tones. Try a more mauvey purple like Essie Chinchilly which pulls more grey and cool toned or Essie Island Hopping for a bit more of a punch.


(Essie Chinchilly, Essie Island Hopping)

If your willing then go for a more vampy and deep purple shade like OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane or Muir Muir On The Wall that has a wicked duo chrome effect.


(OPI In The Cable Car-Pool lane, OPI Muir Muir On The Wall)

I do love to mix and match shades for a fun and creative look. Here’s a manicure I did using Essie Chinchilly and Sew Psyched on the accent finger. I also added a bit of OPI When Monkey’s Fly for some glittery fun.

autum_NailArtI’m absolutely addicted to the muted purples, mauves and greens. Not only is it season appropriate but it’s also a modern way to jazz up your typical fall manicure. But I sure cant wait to play around with the deeper berry and burgundy shades. There’s something so chic and edgy about them. What are some of your favorite nail polish shades to rock during the autumn months?

Hugs from Beauty Land

NOTD (nail of the day) and At Home Spa Treatment

Hey there guys,

So after a week of snowboarding in Norway, where the temperature was -10 degrees Celsius, windy and snowing, my skin and hair really needed a pick me up so I thought I would spend my Friday night pampering myself with hair treatments and a mani/pedi.

Heres what I got up to and what I used?


So I started off by using my oh so favorite scalp treatment Superbalm by Lush. I love it because it reduces ichi-ness, flake-iness, and any sort of bad-ness you might encounter with your scalp. Its super easy to use, you just run it along you scalp pre-shower. You can even sleep with it in if you like. I applied it about an hour before my shower. Then I applied the H’suan Wen Hua hair mask. Its packed full of goodness like free range eggs, organic bananas, organic avocado, balsamic vinegar, organic extra virgin olive oil and a bunch of other great healing components. Its a bit stinky but nothing unbearable. It’s a really cool product though because you put it on dry hair, also pre-shower. I piled it on and left it on for an hour while watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead 😀

So off to the shower I went, after an exhilarating episode…my heart was racing the whole time!!! LOL. I washed, conditioned, scrubbed and all the fun that comes along with showering ;D I put on my hair products and let my hair air dry while I applied the Cupcake natural face mask from Lush (are you seeing a pattern here…I defo love me some Lush!!) Its a new product, good for sensitive and combo skin, hydrates and purifies the skin. It was my fist time using it, it felt nice, there was a slight tingle sensation but I think that’s great, it makes me feel like the product is working into my skin 😀 It also smelled like chocolate cupcakes..YUM!!!! After about 15 mins I washed it off and topped off with my Josie Marin Argan oil. I love this stuff, I  feel and see a significant difference in the morning when I use it at night. Any pimples are drastically diminished, my skin tone is more even, im hydrated. Just love love love this stuff!!

Then when all that fun was done I gave my self a well deserved manicure (snowboarding real does a number on ones nails!!) I thought I would try out my new nail art kit the Nails Inc Bling it on Midnight that I hauled recently. It comes with a midnight blue nail polish, two viles of loose glitter, and a useless glitter brush!!! I think it came out super cute!

NOTD_NailOfTheDay_NailsInc_BlingItOnMidnightKit_NailArtNot only is it glittery but it also creates a textured effect which is super in right now!! What do you guys think about the nail art trends at the moment? Yay or nay? leave a comment, let me know what you guys think. Plus don’t forget to follow me on instagram @victoriagoldstein321 for daily beauty updates and check out my facebook page:

Keep a look out for more fun hauls and nail art. Plus I just received a package from my sister with a bunch of beauty goodies that I cant wait to share with all of you 😀

Hugs and kisses from Beauty Land 😀