The Body Shop Haul, First Impressions, and Vitmain E Serum in Oil Review

Hey Guys,

So Ive been unhappy with my skin care routine. Its just not been working for me and I still have just over a month before I go to Cali so I can re-purchase my Nars skin care goodies and the Dermologica Over Night Repair Serum. So I though I’d give some of the products from The Body Shop a go.

thebodyshop_haul&rveiewI picked up the Aloe Calming Toner for Sensitive Skin (10 Euros). Its refreshing and works really well as a toner to prepare my skin for moisturizers and the like, while removing every last trace of makeup. It has a slightly thicker consistency than more traditional toners, I think mostly due to the aloe gel. Its fragrance and alcohol free which is a major plus. Its definitely calming and soothing, and hasn’t caused me to break out.

thebodyshop_aloecalmingtonerI also picked up the Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream (21 Euros). I only used this for 3 or 4 days and realized I wasn’t a huge fan. Although its filled with natural ingredients I’m just not a fan of the consistency. Its very thick (which I normally like) but it just doesn’t absorb into the skin. It just rests on the surface, it makes me feel greasy, sticky and sweaty. Definitely not a fan.

Thebodyshop_nutriganics_smoothingdaycreamThebodyshop_nutriganics_smoothingdaycream_swatchI also got a bunch of samples of the Nutriganics Drop of Youth Serum. I have to say I’m not that impressed with this either. It left my skin feeling really tight and it felt almost like a I had a plastic layer of film on my face. It definitely wasn’t comfortable and I have no need to keep trying this, two days was enough.

nutriganics_dropsofyouthNow to get to the good stuff. Ive been using the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil (26 Euros) for almost two weeks now and I immediately saw a drastic change, my skin is smoother and the redness from my blemishes have diminished drastically.

vitaminE-seruminoilvitaminE-seruminoil_2It has a thin light consistency for an oil and dries rather quickly. It has a very pleasant, light, and fresh smell. I’m super impressed so far with this little product and it might even replace the Dermologica Over Night Repair Serum especially given the more budget friendly cost.

Apart from the moisturizer (and serum samples) I’m super happy with these little guys already and cant wait to see more long term effects. Have any of you tried any of the products from the Viatmin E line? Whats your opinion?

Hugs from Beauty Land

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