Transfer Foil Fun

So I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been super busy…but I finally have time to share more of my nail art adventures :)

Ive been having a super time experimenting with transfer foils and after a lot of practice, and finding the perfect top coat (which was difficult as every topcoat I own strippes the color or cracked the foil) I think I’ve finally stared to get the hang of it.

(To those who maybe dont know what transfer foils are, the application of the design or pattern is nothing like those adhesive nail foils like blix, you transfer the pattern with this taky glue. I will do a post later on the items needed)

Anyways, there is super range of designs and colors available out there…I find the best websites are and, you can also find great deals on ebay. They have holographic, solid matte colors, and designs of all sorts.

What’s cool about them is you can cover part of the nail or the whole nail if you like depending on where you place the adhesive glue. This type of nail art is definitely the easiest and most cost effective way to get minx-a-like nails.

Well heres a look  at  a few of the transfer foil manicures I created :)


This is a cool floral design where the backing is transparent (where there are no flowers) so the effect can be changed up depending on your base color. In this mani I choose a baby blue.


Here’s a mani I did on a friend. Its the same kind of flower pattern as before (instead the flowers are yellow and red). In this one I used a nude color as the base.


Heres a mani I did using a black flower foil to do a side french sweep. I used a light glittery pink as the base color. For a little more bling bling I added a few rhinestones where the polish and foil met. BTW this is a great way to cover up any mistakes when doing a normal or sweep french tip :)


Baby blue glitter base color mixed with side sweep and full nail flower foil. Plus some rhinstones for fun :)


Another mani I did for a freind. It’s this really cool holographic silver, unfortunately the camera did not capture the coolness of this foil. The light reflects soooo awesomly on the foil, its super!


I just did this camouflage one…its pretty cool :) The application was super good as well (sometimes they can be a bit fidgety if the glue is too wet or too dry). I used a nude as the base coat in case anything didnt transfer to hide any mised spots.

I just bought a bucket load of foils recently so I cant wait to try them all. So look out for another post on foils soon, plus a how to, and best products.

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