Review & Swatches- Urban Decay Mariposa Eye Shadow Palette

Hey guys and dolls 😀 Here’s another swatch and review of Urban Decay eye shadows, specifically the Mariposa palette :D. Here’s a look of the container and the shadows inside.


Swatches from left to right:

Rockstar: warm/dark purple with satin finish, so creamy, soft, and easy to blend, highly pigmented.

Gunmetal: gunmetal slate grey with shimmer.satin finish, creamy, blends easy, great color pay off.

Skimp: nude shade with almost mat finish, a bit of shimmer, good color pay off for such a light tone, a little chalky compared to the others but still easy to blend and a great base/blending color.

Infamous: purply-pink stain finish, great pigmentation, easily blends.

Wreckage: medium toned brown with satin finish, super pigmentation, blends well.

Haight: bright blue with satin finish, super pigmentation, soft and creamy, blends great.

Money: muted green with satin finish, really unique color, creamy, blends easily, nice color pay off.

Mushroom: taupe-brown with satin finish, highly pigmented, creamy, blends well.

Spotlight: light brown-taupe with a satin finish, good pigmentation for a light shade, creamy, blends well.

Limelight: gold shimmer similar to Half Baked but not as in your face, very creamy, blends well.




Another great palette from the creators of Urban Decay. This palette has a great selection of colors in terms of providing both neutral tones and more bright and funky colors. The palette allows for the creation of both light day time looks smokey night time looks, plus pop-in-your-face looks.  The pigmentation is amazing, the creamy consistency is wonderful to work with to create that great seamless blending. Definitely a must if your into fun colors with a sophisticated edge.

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