Review and Swatches- Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palette

Hey guys, its been such a long time since I updated my blog so I thought I would get back into with a bang!!! Gonna show your some swatches of some of the Urban Decay Palettes and some reviews. Expect much more of this in the future and I promise it wont be a year till I update next!

So this is the Urban Decay Naked Palette (1) (you can click on all the photos for an enlarged image)




Here are swatches of the shadows. From left to right:

Virgin:  nude shimmer, great for high light or base color, creamy consistency, easy to blend.

Sin: champagne shimmer, better pigmentation than virgin, also great as a highlight or base color, creamy consistency and easy to blend.

Naked: nude mate, pigmentation is great as a natural crease color, not as creamy as the others but still very easily blendable

Sidecar: shimmery, taupe-bronze, very creamy, easily blendable, great pigmentation

Buck: mat brown, highly pigmented, easily blendable and rather creamy for a mat shade.

Half Baked: shimmery vibrant gold, creamy, highly pigmented, great blending abilities

Smog: dark brown shimmer, highly pigmented, very creamy

Darkhorse: dark brown shimmer with khaki green undertones, so creamy and highly pigmented

Toasted: dark bronze shimmer with pink/red undertones, so creamy, great pigmentation.

Hustle: purply-taupe, great pigmentation, so creamy.

Creep: black with glitter chunks, not as a creamy as the others, a bit of glitter fall out, good pigmentation.

Gunmetal: gunmetal slate grey, so creamy, highly pigmented.


Overall the Naked 1 is fantastic, the colors suit everyone, the majority of the shadows are so pigmented and creamy making a flawless and easy application. The eye looks are endless with this palette, you can do a soft day time look and jazz it up for night, or do a variety of sultry smokey looks. Just love, love, love this palette!! Definitely recommended for all 😀

So after the success of the Naked palette UD came out with Naked 2.




Samples and swatches from left to right:

Foxy: mat beige color, not very pigmented but great for base color or blending.

Half Baked: shimmery gold, very pigmented, extremely creamy.

Bootycall: champagne shimmer, very similar to Sin (N1). Great as highlight, very creamy, easily blendable.

Chopper: shimmery bronze, creamy, pigmented.

Tease: mat brown, great pigmentation, creamy for a mat, easily blendable

Snakebite: shimmery dark brown, so creamy, great pigmentation

Suspect: shimmery taupe-brown, very creamy, blendable, great color payoff.

Pistol: shimmery taupe-grey, creamy, blendable, highly pigmented.

Verve: shimmery taupe-silver, creamy, bendable, pigmented

YDK: shimmery taupe-bronze, thicker glitter chunks, some fall out but great pigmentation and blendable

Busted: shimmery taupe-purple/mauve, great pigmentation, creamy, blendable

Blackout: mat black, nice and dark, creamy for a mat, so blendable, great pigmentation.


10/10 again 😀

What another great Palette, the color pay off is amazing, so creamy and blendable even the mat colors. Just like the Naked 1, there are  endless amounts of color possibilities and looks. Another great palette for all. The only down fall to this (and that’s if i’m nitpicking!!) is that there are some very similar colors to the N1 palette, and Half Baked is featured in both. N2 has a few more mats, plus the mat black which is a must in any collection.  To be honest i love love love both of them, and never get tired of grabbing them for both my day time an night time looks. I tend to go for N2 a bit more because of that awesome mat black but I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other.

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